The Capcom hack may have exposed 350,000 people’s personal data

capcom hack

The recent ransomware attack on Capcom may have compromised the personal data of some 350,000 people, the company said. Information includes your name, address, date of birth, phone number, passport info, “HR information,” and more. That includes individuals throughout Japan and North America. In a post on its website, Capcom said it shut down its systems … Read more

Twitch is testing ‘multiplayer ads’ that content creators can use to make money


Today, Twitch is rolling out what it calls “multiplayer ads” in closed beta. It’s a streamer-driven ad that all viewers watch (Currently, ads shown to viewers are targeted; these are not). After one of these ads plays, creators can run a poll for their viewers that awards the streamer bits depending on how many viewers … Read more

SpaceX successfully launched its second crew into space on its first operational mission


SpaceX successfully launched its second crew of astronauts to orbit the night aboard the company’s Crew Dragon spacecraft. The flight, called Crew-1, marks Crew Dragon’s first operational mission, as SpaceX begins a new era of regularly sending people to and from the International Space Station for NASA. Crew Dragon takes off at 7:27 p.m. ET … Read more

10 Best Torrent Sites of 2020 (Links)

best torrent sites

2020 is coming to an end in a few months. Given all the time we have, there is a high probability that loyal members of the BitTorrent community have been searching for the best torrent sites for 2020 to get their favorite content quickly. Below is a list of the most popular torrent websites, listed … Read more

Microsoft said hackers from Russia and North Korea attacked the COVID-19 vaccine makers

north korea hackers

Cyberattacks by the hackers originating in North Korea and Russia have targeted companies researching COVID-19 vaccines and treatments, Microsoft said in a new blog post. The company said the attacks aimed at seven leading pharmaceutical companies and researchers in the US, Canada, France, India, and South Korea. “Among the targets, the majority are vaccine makers that … Read more

PUBG Mobile Patch 1.1: Metro Royale Mode, New Weapons, And More

pubg mobile patch notes 1.1

PUBG Mobile developers periodically release updates that introduce new features into the game. Update 1.0 was released back in September and was a huge success. The next iteration, namely, the PUBG Mobile 1.1 update, is ready to roll out on November 10 and will feature the Metro Royale Gameplay Lobby, new themed game modes, and … Read more

HBO Max: Everything you need to know


HBO Max is here, combining the vast content empires of AT&T WarnerMedia — HBO, Warner Bros., New Line Cinema, DC Entertainment, TBS, TNT, CNN, Cartoon Network, The CW, Crunchyroll, and Adult Swim — into one streaming service already. Additional licensed content, including Studio Ghibli’s work, titles from the Criterion Collection, shows from the BBC, and popular series such as Friends and The Big … Read more

Elon Musk said he had both tested positive and negative for COVID-19

elon musk covid-19

Elon Musk said late Thursday on Twitter that he received mixed results after being tested for COVID-19 and is currently experiencing symptoms of the common cold. Musk said he had tested four times using the rapid antigen test: two came back positive and two more negative. He is also waiting for the results of two … Read more

Apple is very confident with its new Mac M1 processor

new mac m1

Apple’s big Mac event features three new computers — the new MacBook Air, the entry-level 13-inch MacBook Pro, and the new Mac mini. But really, it does convey one thing all three computers have: the M1 chip. It’s the official name for Arm-based Apple Silicon to which the company will move all of its Mac computers. In … Read more

YouTube canceled Rewind this year because 2020 was too much

youtube rewind

YouTube Rewind, the company’s annual year-end award for creators of content, trends, and platform-defining moments won’t happen this year. The company issued a statement acknowledging that “2020 has been different,” adding that “it doesn’t feel right to carry on as if it weren’t.” It’s the first time Rewind hasn’t happened since YouTube started its annual … Read more