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Best WhatsApp Tricks and Features in 2020

With the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, we are spending more time on our phones and laptops than we regularly do. WhatsApp is one of the apps that lived up to expectations and received some cool updates this year. When we talk about the top WA tricks of 2020, we look at additional updates that make it a better platform.

This year’s new WhatsApp features include aesthetic updates, functionality improvements, and even new payment methods. While the Facebook-owned platform has done its part by adding new features, let’s do it by listing the top WA tricks 2020.

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Top WhatsApp Tricks and Features Of The Year

All the tricks and features that we mention here are readily available. Think of it as a WhatsApp feature set for 2020. You can get all the features and start using them with the latest version of the app. You can update to the latest version on Android from the Play Store, and iOS users can check and update the newest version on the App Store.

Top WhatsApp Tricks 2020

Search Bar Filters

Search Bar Filters on WhatsApp
Search Bar Filters on WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s search bar filters let you find photos, videos, documents, links, and much more. This arranges them in the order in which you last sent and received items, making it easier to find old links and other media. Although this is a much older feature, it is worth mentioning to make WhatsApp browsing faster.

QR Codes For WhatsApp Business

QR Codes on WhatsApp Business
QR Codes on WhatsApp Business

I know many people who have used WhatsApp Business to reach out to their customers and create new ones. One of the best additions to the WA business is the ‘scan QR code to start chat’ feature. All a firm has to do is put a QR code on its package or visit card. When you scan the code, it will ask you if you have a WA account, and you can start asking for support there. It’s fast, convenient, and looks great on business cards.

Top WhatsApp Features 2020

Storage Management

The first and foremost feature of WhatsApp is the new storage management tool that we are getting in the app now. Released in November 2020, this tool allows you to check the storage used by various media such as photos and videos in decreasing size. It means you can easily manage your WA media and storage.

You can check the quick tutorial here.

Always Mute

Always Mute on WA
Always Mute WA

WhatsApp recently updated the mute button, which allows you to mute an annoying group or contact forever.

To mute a contact/group, open the chat and tap on the contact name to view profile > scroll down to ‘Mute’ > Tap on ‘Always.’

Disappearing Messages

Disappearing Messages on WA
Disappearing Messages on WA

I have mixed feelings about this one. Lost messages can be useful, but their application in WhatsApp makes them useless. When you redirect a disappearing message in a chat, it will take seven days before the message disappears. Meanwhile, the receiver can take a screenshot, forward the message, or even back up the chat.

The receiver also gets a notification when you enable disappearing messages. However, this is one of the main features added to WhatsApp this year, as it is on this list. That’s because the app is just starting, and we might see a refined version. You can quickly enable/disable missing messages from the quick tutorial above.

WhatsApp Pay

UPI makes it easier to integrate payment methods in various applications. You can use it via PayTM, Google Pay, the BHIM UPI app, or your bank app. Now, you can use UPI to make bank account transfers right from your WhatsApp chat. As long as you and the receiver both sign up for WhatsApp Pay, this is one of the coolest WA features of the year.

Custom Wallpaper For Every Chat

Custom Wallpaper For Every Chat on WA
Custom Wallpaper For Every Chat on WA

Apparently, 2020 is all about customizing your WhatsApp because everything else is locked. One of the newest WA features is that you can now set a custom wallpaper for each chat. You can set a custom wallpaper when you open a WhatsApp chat > Tap on contact name > Wallpaper and Sound > Choose a new wallpaper.

Dark Mode

Talking about the top WhatsApp tricks without mentioning Dark mode is impossible. For night owls to low brightness, Dark mode makes life easier for everyone. It even saves battery on your cell phone. WA introduced the feature in early March.

Forwarding Limit

It may be a limitation for some, but it’s a relief too. WhatsApp, in all its glory, has at times proven to be a highway to misinformation. While it’s positively not the company’s fault if someone decides to go on an adventure and declares a celebrity dies, the company is sure to take notice. This year, WhatsApp has tightened the frequency of forwarding messages at once.

The result is that there’s less spam because nobody goes through the efforts of selecting all contacts in sets of 5. You have no control over these top WhatsApp features, but it saves your inbox from a lot of spam and a lot of fake news.