Sistem Informasi Akademik dengan Codeigniter

Sistem Informasi Akademik dengan Codeigniter



SiAkademik is an system information that can be used by school or other to help them manage their data academic. This system was created by CodeIgniter 3.1.5


  • 4 Login Level (can be added later)
  • Login With Session
  • CRUD Siswa(Students)
  • Import Data Siswa(Students) via Csv
  • CRUD Guru
  • CRUD Mapel
  • CRUD Ruangan Kelas
  • CRUD Tingkatan Kelas
  • CRUD Jurusan
  • CRUD Tahun Akademik
  • CRUD Kelas
  • CRUD Kurikulum
  • View Detail Kurikulum
  • Edit Walikelas
  • CRUD Menu
  • CRUD User(Super Admin/Admin/Keuangan)
  • Manage Rule User
  • Generate Jadwal Pelajaran(Not Genetic Algorithm)
  • Print Jadwal Pelajaran
  • Export Data Siswa
  • Input Nilai Siswa
  • Export Data Nilai (e-Raport)


  • PHP 5


First Login(Admin)

  • username: zuhri
  • password: 123456

Database: MySql
Name: pis_akademik.sql


If you have any question, message me on form below.

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Sistem Informasi Akademik

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