Sistem Informasi Penjadwalan Kuliah Berbasis Web

Sistem Informasi Penjadwalan Kuliah Berbasis Web

275 - SIJAKI is an abbreviation for "Sistem Informasi Penjadwalan Kuliah". It is an Indonesian term for College Schedule Information System. The project involves 3 members. My duty was to develop it using Codeigniter and bootstrap according to the given object-oriented design.

The Information System has 3 user interface. Those are for the teacher, students, and administrators.

Here is an example of administrator UI.

Sistem Informasi Penjadwalan Kuliah Berbasis Web

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Configuration steps:

  1. Move the files in the source folder to a folder in web server directory (e.g. htdocs)
  2. Edit database configuration in source/application/config/database.php
  3. Import sijaki.sql to your SQL server

Here is a default username and password for each user:

  • Administrator, Username: admin, Password: Admin
  • Student, Username : 113102170, Password : 1234
  • Teacher, Username: DWM, Password: 1234

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