4 Big Spotify Changes: HiFi Audio, 80+ Markets, & More

4 Big Spotify Changes: HiFi Audio, 80+ Markets, & More


At the Spotify Stream On online event, it was announced a round of updates that will benefit the popular music streaming service in both customers and businesses.

New Spotify features and changes include things like Spotify's higher quality audio options, market expansions, and new tools for creators. So, without waiting any longer, let's explore.

1. New Lossless Spotify HiFi Streaming For Audiophiles

The current 320kbps Very High quality streaming on Spotify has given us a great music experience. But does Spotify offer lossless? Yes. Now get ready to target even more passionate listeners with a new HiFi tier that will offer audio without losing CD quality.

Once that happens, it will give Spotify the edge over its arch-rival, Apple Music. Currently, Tidal and Amazon Music are among the few kinds of music streaming services that offer lossless audio.

Spotify HiFi lossless support is expected to arrive later this year in select markets for premium users. Price details are not known at the time of writing. Users will be able to play higher quality music on their devices as well as on speakers that support Spotify Connect.

2. Spotify is coming to a new place

Expansion is definitely one of the keys to success for any company as it brings more users to the party. Spotify has announced that it will deploy its operations in 80+ new markets, serving more than 1 billion new users and adding support for 36 new languages.

Spotify's country list includes many Asian and African countries such as Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ghana, Madagascar, etc., and Spotify will cross 170 markets after expansion. Spotify says it will bring its entire global music catalog to new markets upon launch.

3. More money via the Spotify Audience Network

The Swedish audio streaming giant has come up with a new in-house ad network using the name Spotify Audience Network, which was announced during the Stream On event.

The new platform will allow advertisers to reach a wider audience and promote their goods through Spotify's Originals & Exclusives, ad-supported music, and podcasts via Megaphone and Anchor. The company will share more information in the coming months as the new audio advertising market is currently in the early stages of development.

Apart from that, it also introduced podcasts to the standalone platform Spotify Ad Studio, giving podcast creators new opportunities to make money.

4. More tools for Spotify creators

Talking more about the creator update, Spotify revealed that Canvas has been expanded to all artists; it's a repetitive visual that creators can add to their music.

Marque's music recommendation tool is also growing. This is a self-service experience that allows artists to submit sponsored music recommendations in front of paid and free subscribers; efforts to attract more potential listeners. It will arrive in the US and reach the UK, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand in the coming months.

Spotify is also working on a new tool called Discovery Mode which is currently in beta testing. According to the company, the feature "gives artist teams a say in our algorithmic recommendations".

Obviously, podcasts are Spotify's biggest focus right now. It plans to present a variety of interactive tools, such as polls and Q&A, which allow content creators to engage with viewers in real-time. The music giant is also working on its ML algorithm to improve content discovery, allowing users to search for podcasts by topic and theme.

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So, these are some of the features and changes Spotify will add in the future. Let's wait to see how the new lossless audio experience comes and rivals the competition.

Source: Spotify.com/StreamOn

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