5 Best Mobile Games Like Call Of Duty Mobile in 2021 (Download Link)

5 Best Mobile Games Like Call Of Duty Mobile in 2021 (Download Link)


Activision already offers great games for mobile, such as Call Of Duty Mobile. This game has confirmed its success even though it is too late to compete with other popular Battle Royale games such as PUBG Mobile.

Although COD Mobile is a brilliant game, several other games compete with it. The top five Android games like COD Mobile are:

5 Best Android Games Like COD Mobile in 2021

Free Fire

Free Fire Gameplay

Developed by 111 Dot Studios, Free Fire is one of the first BR games to arrive on mobile. It features game modes like Classic, Ranked Game, Rush Hour, and Solo / Duo / Squad. While the game doesn't feel the same as Call Of Duty Mobile, there are a lot of similarities to it. Most COD Mobile players will love what Free Fire has to offer.

Download: Android, iOS

Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival

Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival Gameplay

Hopeless Land is a game developed by HK Hero Entertainment Co Ltd. Inspired by other popular Battle Royale games, this game allows 121 players to land on an island and battle to be the last one standing. The game also offers a variety of vehicles to move around the map.

Download: Android, iOS

Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5 Gameplay

Modern Combat 5 is developed by Gameloft - a well-known game development company. It has a lot in common with COD Mobile and stands as a worthy alternative to the Activision title. The game features solo and multiplayer campaigns and offers users a high level of customization of control to suit their needs. Modern Combat has superior graphics and outstanding visuals to compensate for the somewhat mediocre storyline.

Download: Android, iOS

Pixel's Unknown Battle Ground

Pixel's Unknown Battle Ground Gameplay

Pixel's Unknown Battle Ground is a cartoon version of PUBG Mobile. It doesn't resemble COD Mobile in many areas but features the same Battle Royale game mode as the Activision title. Unknown Battle Ground offers a choice of 30+ weapons and is fun gameplay with attractive visuals.

Download: Android, iOS

World War Heroes: WW2

World War Heroes: WW2 Gameplay

Developed by Azur Interactive Games Limited, World War Heroes features game modes such as Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch (free for all matches), Point capture, HQ Defense, Capture the flag, Team Battle, and a Custom mode to create a lobby. The game has great visuals and realistic graphics. It has many game modes that are similar to COD Mobile, thus making it a great alternative.

Download: Android, iOS

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