A Super Mario Bros Controller With A Little Lego Man

A Super Mario Bros Controller With A Little Lego Man


A hardware hacker using the Twitter account @r1ckp has created a Super Mario Bros controller with a little Lego man. He uses the Lego Mario figures, which were launched earlier this year as part of the Lego Super Mario toy set.

As per @r1ckp, the entire setup took about 4 hours to complete. He further said that he would be sharing the code in the future, allowing others to duplicate the hack and experiment with it.

You can see that @r1ckp tilts the Lego man forward and backward to move Mario’s character. With the right movements, Mario can shoot fireballs, jump, and go down the pipes.

All of this is the result of some amazing tech embedded in a Lego Mario figurine. The figure is equipped with an accelerometer, Bluetooth, color sensor, and a gyroscope to communicate with the toy’s digital elements.

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@r1ckp says he merely intercepted the signals sent by Mario over Bluetooth and plugged them into the emulator’s controls. “The complicated stuff was figuring out the Bluetooth protocol. Then it’s just simulating keypresses at certain events.” he tweeted.

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