Animal Crossing: Wild World Nintendo DS - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Animal Crossing: Wild World Nintendo DS - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



We have no cheats or codes for Animal Crossing: Wild World yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Lost Kitten Picture

If you reunite the mom and the kitten, they will mail you a letter with a present. It may be her picture or a rare item.

Fashionista Badge

There are two or three different sets of questions that Gracie will ask you. Here are the answers to a few of the questions she will ask:
What do you think is your best asset- Long legs!
People who only wear designer labels. - Aren't stylish
What is the essence of fashion? - Clothes!

If you have answered all the answers right, (Hint: Gracie doesn't care about what's popular, she want's people to be individual) she will give you a certificate with no present attached, when you open it, it will read Dear fabulous [your name], You are truly fabulous, Gracie has to give it up to the one and only fashionista!

Unlock Golden Bug Net

Catch every type of bug at least once.

Watermelon Shirt

Do get the watermelon shirt, you have to talk to Gracie and after bothering her 3-4 times donate 1500 bells and you will get the bunny hood and the watermelon shirt! You can't buy it in a store!!

Hair Colors

After talking to Harriet about what type of hair you want, comes the color part.

Safe... - Brown  Lighthearted! - Yellow  Fiery! - Red  Flirty... - Pink  Mysterious! - Dark Brown  Young! - Sky Blue  Lush! - Green  Radiant! - White  

Trendy Hair

Once you have Nookington's and are looking for a new hair style, you might want to consider going "trendy". When Harriet is asking you questions, first say "Everyday.", then "Sweaty!", then "Oh, Yeah!". For girls it should turn out as a cute bun on the top of the head, and for boys is will turn out as a nice, spikey look.

K.k. Sliders Picture

Buy a red turnip from Joan. Give it to Wendel. If he gives you a country guitar give it to K.K. for his picture.

Pascals Picture

Talk to Pascal, he'll either give you a piece of pirate theme item or his picture.

Pellys Picture

Save 100,000,000 bells in your account.

Phyliss Picture

Save 500,000,000 bells in your account.

Tom Nooks Picture

Give Wendell a red turnip. If he gives you a Turban, give it to Saharah for either a red vase or a massage chair. Give the Vase to Redd for a Safe. Give the safe to Nook for his picture.

Townsfolk Picture

Become friends with it and when he has a exclamation point over there head talk to them they may give you there picture.


Get 99,999 Bells

To do this, you must have 50,000 bells or more, I recommend you have more, so you'll get more money.

step 1. Change your DS date to the year 2000  step 2. Get on animal crossing.   step 3. Go to the phone  step 4. Change the date on your animal crossing   game to the year 2000  step 5. Click on your person, wait for it to load  step 6. Go to town hall.   step 7. Go to your bank account and put in 50,000 or more.   step 8. Save the game and exit.   step 9. Get back on animal crossing.   step 10. Go to the phone.   step 11. Change the date to 3 days into the future.   step 12. Go to your person.   step 13. When you appear outside, save and exit, turn off your DS.   step 14. Turn your DS back on, go to your options, get on your calender, and change the   date to the year 2011.   step 15. Get on animal cossing, click on your person, let it load.   step 16. Go to town hall, access account, look at your money now.  

Wish Upon A Star

At night, you might see a shooting star. The second you see it, quickly press the A button to make a wish. Be sure you have nothing in your hand or it won't work. They next day, you should have a gift from Wishy the Star after you've made the wish.

Some Fish Names And Prices

Carp   300 bells  dab   300 bells  olive flounder   800 bells  yellow perch   240 bells  bluegill   120 bells  blackbass   300 bells  seabass   150 bells  killifish   300 bells  barblesteed   200 bells  crucian carp   120 bells  horse mackeral   150 bells  octopus   500 bells  palechub   200 bells  redsnapper   3, 000 bells  bitterling   900 bells  cheery salmon   1, 000 bells  char   3, 800 bells  

Hairstyles For Boys And Girls

When Harriet asks you questions answer with these answers to get a certain hairstyle. "A" means top choice, "B" means bottom choice and these are as accurate descriptions as I could think of, so sorry if you don't understand
Choppy bangs--AAB
Mini mohawk--ABA
Curl in back--BAA
Parted in middle--BAB
Hair over eye--BBA
--------------- GIRL HAIRSTYLES
Points on side (one of the beginning styles)--AAA
Waves at bottom--AAB
(short)Tuck in behind ears--ABB
(long)--tuck in behind ears with bangs--BAA
3 Pigtails (also a starting style)--BBB.

Free Money

When you dig up fossils, catch fish and bugs, or find paintings, instead of giving them to the museum sell them to Tom Nook. He will give you from 3000-8000 bells for fossils.

Golden Shovel Benefits

You can get a golden shovel by burying a shovel, and watering it, then dig it up 24 hours later, pick up the shovel. The tip is white because its shiny, its not halfway finished or anything. Then you can dig a whole, put bells in, and create a bell tree based on how much you bury. It turns instantly into a baby bell tree. The bell tree grows, and eventually turns into a full tree. You shake the tree, bells fall down. (obviously, its hanging right there with 3 money bags in a tree) The second time bees fall out, along with the money, so I recommend you plant it near your house, the town hall, or especially the museum or city gates, because you don't need to open a door there.

Annoying Animals

If one of your animals are really annoying stand A SMALL DISTANCE away from them and hit them with a shovel, eventually they'll get extremely mad. Keep doing that everyday and they'll finally leave your town.

Hair Colors

In Nookington's there is the hair salon place. You can get your hair done in there but in the end, Harriet (the salon owner) asks for the hair color you want. They are a bunch of weird names that you might not have heard of so here is what they are:

Safe: Light Brown  Lighthearted: Blonde(whitish yellow)  Young: Blue  Lush: Green  Radiant: White  Mysterious: Dark Brown  Fiery: Red  Flirty: Pink  

Easy-Easy Time Travel

Instead of changing your time on the phone, you can quit playing your game and go to DS settings. This way your town won't grow any weeds and you wont mess anything up. Easy as pie :)

Shoot Balloons

Sometimes at the top of the screen is a balloon. Use your slingshot to shoot it down for items.

Lower Your Mortgage

Add a new resident to your town and after the new resident is finished working for Tom Nook. Tom Nook will lower your mortgage.

Getting The Golden Slingshot

Pop a yellow and violet stripe balloon that looks like a hot air balloon with a slingshot try it!

Tan Or Pale?

Are you a person who likes to be super tan? Or really pale? Well, you can be anyone of those on Animal Crossing Wild World DS. Just in the Summer and Spring, go outside all the time, and do that for a few weeks, and when you go to play again, you will be tanner. But, if you wanna be paler, then go outside in the winter and fall seasons. Hope this helps!

Able Sisters

Have you ever noticed when you go into the clothes store called Able Sisters, what Sable is sewing? Well, the pattern that she is creating, will end up in the store the next day! So, if the pattern is REALLY cool, and you say to yourself, "I've got to have this" you can! Just not then and there. But the next day, it will be in the store!

2 Or More Houses

Go on animal crossing and when you see that some animal is moving away, stay in the animals house for 2 days and make sure that your DS is charged. When that day happens (when its been 2 days)it will be your house but be careful it doesn't always happen. Your DS has to be closed. Yay now you have more houses and room and you can keep doing this every time.

Flower Power Accessories!!!

If you want to add a little jazz to your style, then pick up a flower (press B) and drag it to your character. Different flowers do different things:
ROSES-in your mouth
DANDELIONS-in your hand
Make sure to pick the right color to match your outfit!

Lucky Items And Their Value

You may have heard of "Lucky Items" and thought, "What is so lucky about them? " Well, each lucky item is worth 7,777 points in HRA scoring. Kinda sounds lucky right? Here is a list of the lucky items:
4 leaf clover
Big festive tree
Birthday cake
Festive tree
Garden gnome
Ivory piano
Lefty lucky cat
Lovely phone
Lucky black cat
Lucky cat
Master sword
Music box
Piggy bank
Racoon figurine
Samurai Suit
Scarab beetle
Treasure chest
Tri force

Holiday Everyday

Once its the flea market [once a month]. You can play but when it turns too tomorrow just time warp it to yesterday and you could still be having the flea market.

New Stuff

If you want more new, and cool stuff, keep talking to your animal friends and they'll give you something if they're a nice type of person! Make sure you keep talking to them and they'll give you stuff to make you go away!

Hint: Stopping Dangerous Players

Ever hear of Dangerous Players? These are people who have an action replay and use codes to take items, destroy your town, and plant building seeds to prevent you from going somewhere or to destroy something else. To counter these, find out who these players are, get an AR and get the building seed code, and place the seed in front of the Town Gate entrance. When it has finished growing, the Dangerous Player will not be able to leave their town, stopping the havoc that they caused. STOP THE MADNESS!!! Also to stop a building seed from growing, get a shovel and if you find any small trees that you see after planting a seed, shovel it up. (unless you planted it!)

Make A Wish!

First, go around in your town until you find a dandelion puff. Pick it up and put it in your pocket. Then, go in your pockets and drag the dandelion puff to your character. It will appear in your hand. Then exit your pockets and turn your character so that it is facing you. Then press A and your character will blow the dandelion puff.

Feed The Walrus!

Every once in a while, the hobo walrus will come to your town and ask you to feed it. Instead of giving it fruit, you can give it fish. If you give him fish from the ocean, he will give you a REALLY cool pattern, like there's one that is a fake star-thing that you dig up fossils and stuff from. You can put on the ground and fool your friends! It's really cool!!!!

The Snowmen

During winter you will find snowballs. Roll two of them around in the snow. The first one roll it until you cant roll it anymore and the second one roll it until you think it is the size of a snowman head. Make sure the bigger one is on snow. Roll the second one into the first one and they will be on top of each other. And if it is perfect he will send you a letter with a snowman theme present.

Kaitlyn And Katie

If you have a person that has Animal Crossings too that you play with often you might get Kaitlyn or Katie in your town. Kaitlyn will be a big cat walking around in an apron. Katie is a small cat that will be standing in one spot and crying if you have Kaitlyn open your gate if you have Katie bring her into the town where her mom is (Kaitlyn is her mom). First you have to make sure each other knows first. The person who brings Katie to her mom will get a present the next day in their mail from Katie.Me and my sis did this all the time.

A Tree Full Of 30,000 Bells

First dig a hole. Bury 99,000 bells. Water every day. Then eventually u will get 3 bags of 30,000 bells. They will be hanging from the tree. Be careful. The next days a bee hive will be there. So its a good idea to plant the money near your house. You need 99,000 bells for this to work.

Efficient Town

To make your town look more efficient you should go to Able sisters and make roadway pieces and then set them down on the ground.

Fruit Trade

If you mail a fruit to one of your neighbors, it is possible they will sent you a different fruit back. Should try with different animals.

Never Ever Sell Foreign Fruit!

Never sell fruit your town doesn't have, instead plant it. When that tree gives fruit, then you can plant that fruit. Wait until you have at least five of that kind of fruit tree before you sell it. Reasons to do this: you can sell it for 500 bells each (five trees thats fifteen of that type of fruit), also when u go to your friends towns trade your fruit for theirs (if they have a lot of fruit like you it will be an equal trade). Theres a lot of bells in fruit thats not your native!

Wear Flowers

To wear flowers you first must pick one up. Once it is in your pocket put it over your character in items, and it will either be: in your hair, in your mouth,or you will be holding it. Depending on what type of flower it is.

Acorn Festival

The Acorn festival is November 6-13.


If you wait for about five days without playing you'll have a coconut on the beach, and if you wait about ten days without playing you'll have a message in a bottle and a coconut on the beach.


If you find a coconut on the beach go over to a tree by the beach cut it down dig it up and bury the coconut. Then in a few days it will grow. Repeat this and get a coconut orchard, then each time you get all the coconuts go and sell them for $500 each.

Pitfall Seed

Pitfall Seeds are little white circles with red exclamation points on them. They aren't worth anything to Nook but they are funny. You can dig one up or check the lost and found. If you bury one then walk over it you'll fall and have to press you character or "A" to get out. You can prank the animals in your town by burying them outside your door and they fall in them. It made me laugh. Have fun with them.

Bed Switchamaroo

To switch your bed first, go to Tom Nook's and buy a bed (if he doesn't have a bed check the catalog or you already have one skip this). Then go to the room where you save. Go to the foot (bottom) of the bed and press "A". It will ask you if you want to switch your bed, say "yes", then pick the bed you want to switch it with. You will have your old bed in your pockets sell it to Tom Nook or keep it.The bed you get is basic you can get all four colors of the basic bed (red, blue, green, yellow I think!) by making new people.

Backround Change

To change the background, open up your fashion designs page. Pick one and drag it into the bottom left hand conner. It will disappear and you background will change for ordering items and the main page.

Close Open Holes With Feet

If there is an open hole in the ground in stead of getting out your shovel you can just go up to the hole and press B and your Person will kick dirt in the hole and it will close. (Note: you can do this with an item in your hand.)

Money Tree

First, buy 2 shovels. Plant 1 shovel. Wait 24 hours and dig up the golden shovel. Then, put 100 bells in your pockets and plant a tree. You now have a money tree.

Time Travel Without Moving Residents

Instead of going to what ever time you want to go to right away, go 2 months at a time and check on your residents to make sure that they aren't moving.

Make Your Character Go To Sleep Without Dr. Shrunk

Have someone come over to your town and close your DS. Look on the other persons screen and you will be sleeping. This can be done Vice-Versa.

Senor K.K. Song Goes Faster

If you request Senor K.K. the credits will go by faster.


When its raining on a Thursday go to the coffee shop. You will see Rover sitting down. Talk to him from behind. If he's not there, make sure its raining.

Sick Animals

To get your animal to be healthy again, feed it medicine or to DS to DS with a friend.


Sending in fossils takes forever and wastes your time, but you can get BIG BELLS if you have enough in the museum. First, after you check your mail, search for fossils. If you found some, give them to Blathers at the museum. Soon enough (if you do this everyday) you will have so many fossils, you'll get doubles back. SELL THOSE DOUBLES! You can get around 1000-8000 bells! I went from 23,000 bells to 55,000 bells in just 5 days.

The Zebra Shirt

Most likely, if you donate 10,000 bells to Gracie after bothering her 3 or 4 times, you will get the zebra shirt. But beware! You might get an ugly ponytail. Don't worry! Just click remove headgear when you are at your items pocket and you'll get your regular hairstyle back.

Flea Market

The flea market is on September 1st. There, you can go into other people's houses and buy stuff. Other people can also buy stuff in your house. It's awesome!!!!

Snowballs In Water

If it's winter, and you see a snowball close to the ocean or the river, make you person push the snowball into the water. It will just melt. But I thought it was pretty funny.

When Dr. Srunk Appears

Dr. Shrunk appears Jan. 16, 2007, 9:40

New Fruit

If you want new fruit do this. Mail a neighbor a fruit that you have on every tree. They will send you a different fruit. Plant the fruit with a shovel. Let the tree grow(It will take like 3 days). Send the same fruit to another neighbor and they will send you another fruit. Keep on planting the same fruit and you will have a town full with fruit. You will find counuts on the beaches.Sometimes if you send some fruit sometimes you will get the same fruit over again. Sell the fruit that is not native to your town,each fruit is 500 bells. So if you sell a whole pocet full of none native fruit you will get 7,500 bells. That is a way to get lots of money.


Get a shovel and go outside. If you find a person walking around dig holes around them. They will not be able to go past the holes. To make the holes disappear go inside or exit the game.

Flying Presents

Presents will fly over your town when the time ends in a "4".


To trip, go to someone else's town, like one of your friends. Then, have someone else come into that same town, so that there are two visters including you. Next, start running like crazy all over the place. Eventually, someone will fall. I fell once into the sand and when I got up my head print was in the sand!!!! Also, the person whose town you are vistiting will not trip. Lyle will also give 100 bells in the mail when you trip.

K.K Sliders Songs

At The Roost Cafe (basement of your museum) K.K. Slider will play music on Saturday nights from 8:00 p.m. and 12:00 midnight. Talk to him and he'll play a song for you. You can also request a song. These are all of his songs:

Agent K.K.   Aloha K.K.   Cafe K.K.   Comrade K.K.   DJ K.K.   Forest Life   Go K.K. Rider   I Love You   Imperial K.K.   K.K. Aria   K.K. Ballad   K.K. Blues   K.K. Bossa   K.K. Calypso   K.K. Casbah   K.K. Chorale   K.K. Condor   K.K. Country   K.K. Cruisin'   K.K. D & B   K.K. Dirge   K.K. Dixie   K.K. Etude   K.K. Faire   K.K. Folk   K.K. Fusion   K.K. Gumbo   K.K. Jazz   K.K. Lament   K.K. Love Song   K.K. Lullaby   K.K. Mambo   K.K. Marathon   K.K. March   K.K. Metal   K.K. Ragtime   K.K. Rally   K.K. Reggae   K.K. Rock   K.K. Rockabilly   K.K. Safari   K.K. Salsa   K.K. Samba   K.K. Ska   K.K. Song   K.K. Soul   K.K. Steppe   K.K. Swing   K.K. Tango   K.K. Technopop   K.K. Waltz   K.K. Western   King K.K.   Lucky K.K.   Marine Song 2001   Mountain Song   Mr. K.K.   My Place   Neapolitan   Only Me   Pondering   Rockin' K.K.   Senor K.K.   Soulful K.K.   Steep Hill   Surfin' K.K.   The K. Funk   To the Edge   Two Days Ago   

Flower Breeding

In Animal Crossing Wild World, you have the ability to cross-breed flowers. Below is a list of combos:

Roses:  Red+Red= Black roses    Red+Yellow= Orange roses    Red+White= Pink roses    White+White= Purple roses    Black+Purple= Blue roses    Water a wilted Black rose with the golden   watering can and the next day you'll have gold   rose!    Tulips:  Red+Red= Black tulips    Yellow+Yellow= Black tulips    Red+White= Pink tulips    Red+Yellow= Purple tulips    Cosmos:  Red+Red= Black cosmos    Red+Yellow= Orange cosmos    Red+White= Pink cosmos    Pansies:  Red+Red= Purple pansies     Red+Yellow= Orange pansies    White+White= Blue pansies  
In order to achieve the golden watering can, you must have your town perfect for 14 days. (Hint: Jacob's Ladders will appear)

Get Alot Of Money From Flea Markets

If a neighbor wants to buy a fish or bug from your house during a flea market, you can sell it to them for double what it's worth. Arowana are worth 10,000 bells each, but I sold one to my neighbor during a flea market for 20,000 bells!!!

Keep Acorn Credit

NEVER give Cornimer a rotton acorn during the Acorn Festival. You will lose all acorns he has counted so far.

Free Stuff

IF a animal in your town asks you to deliver something to another player in the town well don't. If you want to keep the item which normally is a clothing item keep the gift over night and the next morning you should be able to open it without them being mad at you. Or open the gift when you get it and have them mad at you its your call.

Firecracker Stock Up

When its the fireworks show go to tortimer and talk to him he will give you a roman candle and talk to him again to get a sparkler then put the roman candle and sparkler down on the ground on a letter or in your drawers then talk to him again and get a roman candle and sparkler. You can do it up to 10 times but you can't have them in your pockets to obtain more. If you have more then one player do it with them to. If you have four players you can get 40 roman candles and sparklers combined.

Time Travel

Most people know what time travel is but for thoughs of you who don't or are to unpatient to wait for a holiday don't wait. Before you wake your player up theres a telephone well click on it and select reset clock. Simply reset the clock to the day you want to. But do not reset the clock if your house or store is getting remodeled it could effect it not that i did that (oops.) Also some town animals may have moved out and an enourmous amount of weeds will appear if you go back to far and cockroaches will be in your house but there easy to kill run over them and pick the weeds.I recommend to do it with a player you normally don't play with if you have multiple players and if you get rare items mail it to them or leave it in your house for them to pick up. Well hope you enjoy the year 2007 in ACWW i know i did.

More Money

If you get fruit from another player or find a coconut on the beach, DO NOT SELL IT! Instead, find a place for a new tree and dig a hole with your shovel. In a few days you will have a tree with the fruit on it (so that's like multiplying it by 3) but again, don't sell any. Just plant them again and repeat until you have a forest of the fruit (figuratively speaking) and then sell them all and you will get much more.

Dr. Shrunk

When Dr. shrunk comes tell him you need help. You have to answer some questions and the tap hi forehead. He will give you an imotion icon, which you find in the "speech bubble" icon in your toolbar.

Easy Money

Sell all clocks, and unwanted items. If you sell a mix of fish, bugs, furniture, and shells you can get around 7,000 bells. Also look in the recycling bin and Booker's lost and found for free items (the recycling bin is most likely other villagers furniture, so if you want them, be patcient and you may get it, I got a giant stereo that was once someone elses!)

Changing Your Hairstyle

You need to have the Tom Nook's store called Nookington's. Enter the store and go straight ahead to a doorway. That doorway leads the hair dresser. Talk to the poodle. Note: You need 3,000 bells to do this. After that answer her questions and then she will do your hair. Warning: She may give you a bad hairstyle.

Flea Market

When it's time for the flea market when you are at home and someone comes in and it wants your stuff (they will want everything and I mean EVERYTHING!) take your favorite items, put them in your wardrobe or dresser and put the wardrobe or dresser in your pocket. When they want something crappy, offer it to them for 2,000 or 1,000 Bells and if they have yhe money, they will buy it. Also, if you want the animal to go away, walk to the door and they will leave.

Trick Resetti

If Resetti asks you to type in an apology, once you are in the typing screen, click off the power and start over. Resetti won't make you type the next time! WOO HOO!

The Red Flower

If you time travel too much a giant red flower will appear in the center of your town. This red flower makes weeds and will fill your entire town with weeds. The only way you can get rid of it is to pick every single weed in your town.

K.K. Slider

K.K. Slider comes saturday at 7:30 in the coffe shop in the mueseum. To get one of the theme songs from animal crossing game cube, request Forest Life and you will have it.

Get Free Bells In The Mail

On Saturdays there will be a man named Lyle. If you talk to to him you can buy damage insurance. So when you get stung by a bee, Lyle will give you 100 bells in the mail.

How To Get A Golden Slingshot

When you see a present in the air attatched to a balloon, get right under it, and shot it with your slingshot (bought at Tom Nook's). Do that every time you see that, shot it (ballons will randomly appear in the air any time, any season, and any weather). When you shot the presents in the air 15 different times (15 presents, more than one day to do so) you will be sent a GOLDEN SLINGSHOT!!!!!!!!

Golden Fishing Pole

To get the golden fishing pole you must first catch all the fish. Fish can all be caught in different seasons. To find out all the fish's seasons get the animalcrossing cheat code book.

Golden Shovel

To get a Golden Shovel, buy 2 shovels, then bury one. Wait 24 hours, then go back to where you buried the shovel. Dig it up, and you get a golden shovel.

Endless Songs

In order to get endless songs from K.K. :

1) Make a new person  2) Finish a few tasks from Tom Nook  3) Go to the Museum and talk to K.K. for a song  4) Go put the song in your radio  5) Repeat if you have time  

Having Red Cheeks

In order to have red cheeks, when you are creating your character, go to the first question that Kapp'n asks you. Choose the second answer to have the red cheeks.

How To Save Without Going To Bed

Instead of going to bed to save, you can press start. Then click save and end. The next time you come, you will wake up in your bed.

Waving Hi

When you see one of the animals in your town outside, don't go up to them. When you are sort of far away, tap them and you will wave and they will wave back.

Get The Museum Model

If you donate almost all of the fish, fossils, inscts, and paintings, the museum will than send you the Museum Model. (Only works if you have "roommates" living with. Whoever donates most.)

New Fruit

If you send one of your native fruits to a neighbor, they may send you back a fruit that you don't have. Do this to get different fruit. When you play wirelessly, you can overprice your fruit and sell to your friends that don't have it!

Tree Shakin'

Go around shaking every non-fruit bearing tree that you see. Some random trees will yield money bags (100 gold) or items. The first item that I recieved from a tree was a cabin clock.

Meet Pete The Mailman

Around 9:00 am you can shoot Pete down with a slingshot and talk to him.

How To Obtain The Dirty Shirt/Uniform

Sometimes Gracie will attach a dirty shirt along with her evaluation. You can get the uniform when you get a part-time with Tom Nook.

Free Items!

Go to Booker at the Main Gate. Go to the lost and found. Take whatever you want.

Don't Like Your Uniform?

If you hate the uniform you have to wear while working at Tom Nook's shop, once you come back in after planting flowers, dont wear it. He'll say you dont have to after that

Find A Four Leaf Clover

When your town is full of weeds, you will also notice some clovers. When you pick them up, you may occasionly find a four leaf clover. When they are found, they can be worn as an accessory or placed in your house as a book mark.

Keep A Villager From Moving Away

Every once in a while, you'll see that the inside of one of your villager's houses are full of cardboard boxes. This means they are packing up to move away. If you don't want that person to move away, talk to them and go to the choice that says don't go, then keep going there until they say they don't want to go anymore.

Post Office Savings Acount Rewards

Box of Tissues Save-1,000,000 bells.   Piggy Bank Save-10,000,000 bells.   Pelly's Pic Save-100,000,000 bells.   Phyllis's Pic Save-500,000,000 bells.   Town Hall Model Save-999,999,999 bells.   

Money Rock

Hit all the rocks in town with a shovel until you find one that releases a money bag. Continue to hit it as many times as you can until it finally stops releasing bags of money. With every hit you do, the rock will release more gold. This can be done once a day.

Jacob's Ladder

To obtain the flower name Jacob's Ladder, you must first have a "perfect town". Once Pelly or Phyllis has told you that your town is perfect, then Jacob's Ladders wll start appearing in random locations. If you town stops being perfect then you will no longer recieve anymore Jacob's Ladders.

No Bees

There are no bees when playing on Wi-Fi.

Receive Birthday Cake Item

Go your town on your birthday and get a Birthday Cake item from one of your neighbors.

Donating To Boondox

Green Feather Donate-10,000 Bells   Blue Feather Donate-200,000 Bells   Yellow Feather Donate-500,000 Bells   Red Feather Donate-800,000 Bells   Purple Feather Donate-1,100,000 Bells   White Feather Donate-1,400,000 Bells   Rainbow Feather Donate-6,400,000 Bells   

Nook Store Upgrades

Spend the said amount of money at Nook's store and he will make the store larger.

Nooks Cranny-Available from start   Nook 'n' Go-Spend 25000 bells   Nookway -Spend 65000 bells   Nookington's-Spend 240000 bells and have a friend shop at the store wirelessly.  

Golden Watering Can

Keep the environment perfect for 16 days in a row. Pelly or Phyllis will reward you with the golden can.


Do well in these competitions to win these rare items.

The Fish Trophy-Catch the biggest fish.  The Bug Trophy-Catch the biggest bug.  The Flower Trophy-Create the best garden.  

The Scallop

The scallop is used to get the golden axe from Pascal. Pascal walks around by the beach at a random time, once a week. First, you need to buy a red turnip from Joan. Next, give it to Wendel the next time he comes to town. Wendel gives you the Turban or Country Guitar. If you get the Turban, take it to Sahara when she comes to town. Sahara should give you either the Massage Chair or Red Vase. If you get the Massage Chair, let Tortimer have it the next holiday and he should give you the scallop. Then just wait for Pascal to sho wup and give him the scallop. But if you got the Country Guitar, give it to K.K. Slider to get K.K.'s Pic And if you got the Red Vase, give it to Crazy Redd in exchange for the Safe. Give the safe to Tom Nook for the Tom Nook Pic.

HRA Bonus Items

Once you have reached enough points, the HRA will send you a letter saying you have earned a prize, which is a model of your house.

One-Story Model-70,000 points   Two-Story Model-100,000 points   Mansion Model-150,000 points   

Hold 10 Extra Items

Buy 10 letters, leave them blank, than pull an item onto them so that it becomes a present.

Snowman Set

In the winter create a snowman by rolling up the snowballs you occasionally see laying around. Push one on to the other and a snowman is created with the correct proportions. The next day, the snowman will mail you a rare item from the snowman set.

Party Poppers

Talk to Tortimer any time during New Year's Eve. He'll give you Party Poppers.

Money Rock

Hit all the rocks in town with a shovel until you find one that releases a money bag. Continue to hit it as many times as you can until it finally stops releasing bags of money. With every hit you do, the rock will release more gold. This can be done once a day.

Get Different Items From Tom Nooks Shop

First, you need to save and quit. When you are at your save room where you choose your person choose the phone. Next, choose reset clock and than you choose the time you want and go back into the game to Nooks shop and you can see different furniture and items. Note: this will give your town many weeds.

Dotty Code

Get Dotty in your town. On Jan. 22, go find Dotty and talk to her a lot. Eventualy she will give you a code.

Mush Furniture

Get acorns at the Acorn Festival, then give Cornimer the indicated number of acorns to get the corresponding Mush furniture piece:

Mush Bed: 170 Acorns   Mush Chair: 40 Acorns   Mush Closet: 80 Acorns   Mush Dresser: 60 Acorns   Mush End Table: 10 Acorns   Mush Lamp: 25 Acorns   Mush Stand: 100 Acorns   Mush Stool: 5 Acorns   Mush Table: 120 Acorns   Mush TV: 140 Acorns   

Getting Furniture From Your Neighbors Houses

If an animal in your town has furniture in his or her house that you want, send them seashells, unwanted furniture, or fossils to them in the mail. They'll usually put these gifts in their house, displacing whatever was there before. Check the recycle bin at your Town Hall and the item you wanted from their house may be in there.

How To Get The Golden Shovel

First off, get two shovels. Using one shovel, bury the other one in the ground, and leave it there for at least 24 hours. When you dig it up again, you should have the Golden Shovel.

Never Rotting Turnips

Place a table in your house. Place an item in the front of the table. Preferred item is a fishing rod or shovel. Stand on the item and try to place your turnips on the ground. They will go on the table. They should not rot.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Animal Crossing: Wild World yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Animal Crossing: Wild World yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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