Apex Xbox - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Apex Xbox - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



Unlock Production Cars

Unlock every Production-car by entering REALITY as your brand name. For maximum acceleration, select the Lotus Elise from the Street Roadster. Switch to the Street Sports car and select the Ford Mustang for both max speed and acceleration. Upgrade to the Evolution Super car for a Chevy Corvette. And finally, go for the Racing Dream car and race the Dodge Viper SRT-10.

Code Entry

To enter a code, select Dream mode, and start a New game. Under Brand name, enter WORLD to unlock all courses in Arcade mode. Now enter Arcade mode and select a Track-type. All the circuits are unlocked for you to race in.

Unlock Concept-cars

To unlock all the Concept-cars, enter DREAMY as your brand name. Select your cars category from the Roadster, Sports car, Super car, and Dream car. You can also select your cars evolution like the Street model, Evolution version, and the Racing edition.

How To Unlock Turbo

At the loading screen hold R and press Up, Down, Left, Right

Fixing Save Glitch

If you are having trouble with a saved game, please try this method, which requires a memory card.

1. Go to the Xbox dashboard (open the tray) and copy your Apex files to the   memory-card (savegame and setup)    2. Delete the files on the xbox    3. Reboot the xbox without a disc    4. Copy the files back to the xbox    5. Apex should work now    


We have no unlockables for Apex yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Recommended Car Manufacturing Order

The best cars to make are (in order), a roadster then one of each car after that.

Keeping Production Up

Keep track of your factory between your races. If production gets too slow or your workers are idle with their hands in their pockets, you need to get some wins. If you are having trouble in your current class, drop down to a lower racing class to win easier and restore production levels.

Easy Research Points

The easiest way to get research points is to do the champion track races repeatedly. They are the fastest way to win research points.

Easy Win

After a race starts on the easiest level, get yourself into second place. Then, do anything to block the rest of the field behind you until the leader gets a very big lead. Catching up to him will be easy for you, but the rest of the field will continue to lag behind. You should be able to get a win, but you have a guaranteed second place if not.

Restore Production

Always check your factory between races. If production is slow you need more wins. If you can't compete in the current class drop down to a lower class to restore production.

Easy Pass

When you are racing try to get on the side where there are no cars or like one car, and burn some rubber. It is gauranteed it will work if you do it right. Make sure to go on the side where there is only like one car so you have space to get speed without crashing.

Problems With Certain Disks

Apex copies with the serial numbers (check under side of game disc under good   lighting to see it):    IG02104A-L1 01 +A01+   IG02104A-L0 01 +A02+     Have been identified as being glitchy. The AO1 and A02 games seem to be the   problem discs.    Games with the serial numbers:    IG02104A-L1 01 +A03+   IG02104A-L0 01 +A03+     Seem to be fine. Known glitches include: Not loading certain tracks, unable to   load any saved game files, using a ripped soundtrack results in the same music   track(s) being played over and over again after a certain number of races (no   known fix at this time). Some gamers in possession of the "glitchy" serial   numbered games have not experienced any problems. Many have said that most of the   problems do not occur until much later in the game. Infogrames has not responded   to the problem as of yet but has been contacted by Platinum and other game sites.  

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Apex yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Apex yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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