Australian Government Launches Amica AI For Settling Divorces

Australian Government Launches Amica AI For Settling Divorces

465 - Well, in modern times, AI developers can do anything. What about an AI that can cut-short all your hassles in getting a divorce? The Australian government has rolled out an AI named Amica that will help the partners in dividing money and property. Moreover, the AI will also help in making appropriate parenting arrangements without hiring a lawyer.

As reported in Gizmodo, Australian AG Christian Porter, mentioned that the Australian government is trying its best to improvise the Australian family law system. The main priority of the government is to make the system a bit more fast and cheap. He concluded his statement by saying that the government was also trying to make the divorce process less pressing for their spouses and children.

As per the stats, most of the Australian couples were inclined towards dumping their partners owing to Coronavirus quarantine period. It is expected that just after a little relaxation from COVID-19, a large number of couples will appear in the court for separation cases.

So this was the best time according to the Australian government to launch Amica AI. It will not only make divorces simple but also reduce the upcoming pressure on the family courts. Australia’s family court system is already dealing with a lot of pending cases.

Amica AI Fee

As of now, Amica AI is completely free for all Australian couples. By 2021, a basic fee between $113 to $303 will be charged from the couples.

However, there is very little clarification about situations in which a partner refuses to agree with the arrangements. In that case, the couple will need a lawyer. Expectations are that Amica AI will work only for those who are on amicable terms and hence the name of the AI.

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