Call of Duty Mobile Developer Releases Contra Mobile Game

Call of Duty Mobile Developer Releases Contra Mobile Game

442 - Contra is one video game that takes us on a nostalgic journey every time we think about it. Now, it looks like the legendary title is ready to return to us as a mobile game.

In 2017, TiMi Studios, developer of Call of Duty Mobile, partnered with Konami and Garena to release the mobile version of 'Contra Return,' the Contra Return. The game has already come out in certain countries and because of its great success, TiMi Studios plans to release a wider game, possibly all over the world.

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'Contra: Return' was first released in China on June 6, 2017, and in Taiwan a year later. Following all positive feedback, Garena published an English version of mobile games in other Southasian countries in 2018. Now, TiMi Studios announced that they plan to release games in other regions as well.

Everything in ‘Contra: Return’ is pretty much similar to the 90’s version of Contra, including music, weapons, and characters. Nevertheless, if you’re wondering how the game actually looks like, then you can go ahead and watch this gameplay.

As of now, the game is entirely story-based and only has an offline mode. However, it is not impossible for developers to make online versions of the Contra game before releasing it worldwide.

Also, if you are a big fan of Contra, then you can take part in surveys to make this game better before a wider release.

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