Call Of Duty Mobile Guide: How to climb to the top of the Summit Tower

Call Of Duty Mobile Guide: How to climb to the top of the Summit Tower


Call Of Duty Mobile is a competitive game with unique features introduced to multiplayer game modes and battle royale. These features give the game its own identity. However, a broad and dynamic game like Call Of Duty Mobile makes players try new things all the time.

Guides and tips are available to direct people and provide them with guidance on how certain things are done. Starting from how to install Call Of Duty Mobile to how to rank up in the game, the internet offers everything.

The new trend of climbing the Summit Tower is one of the few quirky things people in the game are trying. This article will provide a detailed guide to doing the same.

How to Get on Top of the Summit Tower on Call Of Duty Mobile:

Summit Tower in Call Of Duty Mobile

  1. The first step to climbing the Summit Tower is heading to the Guerilla Base. The tower is in this area.
  2. The player needs to go to Control Room 2 - 2F.
  3. Once they have reached the Control Room, they need to jump on one of the computers/systems, preferably near the wired scaffolding.
  4. The player then needs to jump on to the wired scaffolding.
  5. Once the gamer has made the jump on top of the scaffolding, they will see the Summit Tower.
  6. While on the scaffolding, the player needs to equip a knife in hand for maximum speed and run towards the tower.
  7. While running, the player needs to keep a note of the scaffolding's edge and make a jump just from the edge.
  8. When performed successfully, the gamer will land on the Summit Tower.

The user should note that performing this stunt during the game will be difficult, and the enemy will most likely kill anyone who tries to pull off fancy tricks.

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However, if there is no one nearby, the quick practice of the steps above will land the player in the tower. Once on top of the structure, they will gain a significant advantage because no one will notice them.

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