Call Of Duty Mobile Guide: How to get Gold Camo

Call Of Duty Mobile Guide: How to get Gold Camo


Call Of Duty Mobile is a favorite for players who like to play battle royale games. This is a battle royale game that is all about survival by eliminating all the enemies in the game. Players must possess survival and shooting skills to claim victory.

The game offers a multiplayer mode with some special features such as achievements, titles, and medals. This feature determines the player's skill.

Players also like to apply cool skins to their weapons. In COD Mobile, weapon skins are given to players when they grind harder. Gold Camo is one of the most desirable skins. There are others like Platinum Camo, Damascus Camo, and Diamond Camo too.

To get all this, players must first get the Gold Camo.

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Steps to unlock Gold Camo in Call Of Duty Mobile Season 13:

Players can follow these steps to unlock Gold Camo.

Step 1: Open the Game.

Step 2: Click the ‘Loadout’ icon at the bottom of the main screen.

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 13 main screen

Step 3: Click on PRIMARY WEAPON.

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 13 Select Primary Weapon

Step 4: Choose the gun as per personal choice.

Step 5: Click on GUNSMITH.

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 13 All Camos

Step 6: Click on CAMO.

Step 7: Players will find different Camos like Sand, Dragon, Splinter, Tiger, Jungle, Reptile, and Completionist. The players can learn about the task required for attaining Camo by clicking on them. After completing Camo tasks go to 'Completionist.' Then play a game with that gun. Players can then acquire the Gold Camo.

What do players need to do to get all CAMOs?

Patience is required for players to get all the Camo. Players need to work harder to get Gold Camo. There are different tasks for different weapons, and you can watch the steps in this video.

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