Call Of Duty Mobile ‘Hacker’ May Release This Friday

Call Of Duty Mobile ‘Hacker’ May Release This Friday


Call of Duty Mobile Season 10 has released a lot of great content. For example, the most awaited map of Pine recently went live in Multiplayer mode. However, Call of Duty Mobile still hasn’t released the promised ‘Hacker‘ Battle Royale class.

Well, it looks like the wait for the new BR class is finally going to end. That’s because, according to some rumors, Call of Duty Mobile might release the ‘Hacker’ BR class this Friday.

The new ‘Hacker’ BR class will let players hack into the enemies’ gadgets for those of you who don’t know. It further means that when the Hacker class is active, enemy players won’t be able to use their abilities, such as EMP drones, Airborne, etc. Moreover, the Hacker class will block the enemies’ minimaps, making them blind for a little while.

The overpowering ability of the ‘Hacker’ class is why Call of Duty: Mobile players are desperate to get their hands on it.

Based on the roadmap for Season 10, Call of Duty Mobile originally planned to release the ‘Hacker’ BR class by the end of September. However, it is now speculated it will be released on October 2.

CODM Hacker BR Class

Also, when the Call of Duty Mobile’ Hacker’ Battle Royale class releases, you won’t be able to use it right away. That’s because, like other Battle Royale classes such as Poltergeist, Trap Master, etc., players will have to unlock the ‘Hacker’ class by completing a limited-time featured event.

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If you, somehow, aren’t able to complete the event in time, you’ll have to wait for the ‘Hacker’ BR class to arrive in the Credit store.

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