Call Of Duty Mobile: How to level up quickly in the game?

Call Of Duty Mobile: How to level up quickly in the game?


Every Battle Royale title has a rank tier system and level XP system, which makes the game more interesting. COD Mobile is no exception and has a ranking level system that determines the progress and credibility of players in the game.

COD Mobile has two modes, the Multiplayer mode, and the BR mode. Both these modes include a rank tier system that's divided into Rookie, Veteran, Elite, Pro, Master, and Legendary tiers and a maximum level XP of 150.

Players can play ranked matches and climb the tiers accordingly as they progress, which also increases their XP level.

With COD Mobile hype increased, fans are looking forward to grinding their level XP and ranking quickly. We share some tips on how one can do it.

Tips to level up quickly in COD Mobile

1) Practice and Grind

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As rightly stated, 'Practice makes a man perfect,' this goes the same for the training sessions in COD Mobile. As a player ranks up, the opponents' skill level also progresses. To cope up with their skills and ability, one has to train harder for speedy reflexes and basic knowledge of the in-game mechanisms.

So, to quickly rank up in the tier system and increase the level XP, one has to practice patiently in non-ranked matches with friends to gain more XPs and be ready for any combat situation in the virtual battleground. It increases the chances of victory and maximizes the Rank XP to climb up the tiers quickly.

2) Layout Settings and Loadout

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The layout and load-outs are two of the most crucial aspects of COD Mobile. The layout settings shouldn't directly copy from influencers or professionals. Every person has their own comfort level while holding the devices and placing their thumbs and fingers on the device.

What may be a good option for one may not be the best option for another. It hinders the progress of a player. A player must stick to the most comfortable layout.

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The loadout is another critical feature in the game that hone the skills of every COD Mobile player. For the most optimum output of the Loadouts, a player must equip him/herself with the most suitable and lethal weapon attachments available in the gunsmith section, which will be most viable to exploit the enemies to secure maximum kill points and level up the XP points.

3) Play with teammates

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Playing with teammates in a lobby of four to five people ensures a maximum gain in XP along with the chances of securing a victory in ranked matches. Hence, it always suggested to join a random lobby of 4/5 players or to call your COD mates and then start a game.

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Overall, COD Mobile has various modes available in the game, and players can search for a better option to push the ranks and level XP soon. It is better to grind in the Multiplayer mode, as it has shorter maps that require less time to climb up quickly.

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