Call of Duty Mobile Season 10 ‘The Hunt’ Will Release This Week

Call of Duty Mobile Season 10 ‘The Hunt’ Will Release This Week


After enjoying all the new content in Season 9, Call of Duty Mobile fans is waiting for the Season 10 update. Well, it looks like the wait for COD Mobile Season 10 will finally end soon.

Recently, Call of Duty: Mobile confirmed that a Season 10 update will release this week and will be titled 'The Hunt.'

Call of Duty Mobile confirmed the release date and title of Season 10 via a short trailer on its official social media. The trailer shows off a new Multiplayer map with thick forests. However, it is too early to guess the map name of the clip.

Upcoming Content in Call of Duty Mobile Season 10

COD Mobile has already announced the Multiplayer 'Terminal' and 'Pine' maps for Season 10, which are quite interesting. Also, as we discussed, the Season 10 update will finally introduce the Operator 'Equalizer' skill in Multiplayer game mode. The Equalizer skill is very deadly because it equips the player with two SMGs with a built-in suppressor.

Also, the upcoming season will release a new 'Headquarters' game mode on Call of Duty Mobile.

In the upcoming 5v5 game mode, players will have to capture and defend a point for 50 seconds while trying to stay alive. That's because players will only respawn again after a new hold point appears on the map, and that happens after every 50 seconds. So, if you die defending your defensive point, you won't be able to fight back for the next 50 seconds.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 10 will also introduce several new characters in the game, including Mara from Modern Warfare. Plus, players can finally try out the new 'Hacker' Battle Royale class in Season 10.

So, you can say that COD Mobile Season 10 is going to be a lot of fun with all the new content.

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