Call Of Duty Mobile Tricks: How To Easily Recognize Enemies at HQ?

Call Of Duty Mobile Tricks: How To Easily Recognize Enemies at HQ?


Call of Duty Mobile is one of the best mobile games out there. With such a huge player base, new tips and tricks are sure to pop up now and then. One of the tricks Call Of Duty Mobile revealed, allowing players to survive battles the aerial HQ fight easily.

Being one of the most sought-after places to land in battle royale mode, HQ offers great loot, including level 3 armor, level 4 Assault rifles, helicopters, and some early game action. However, it is not easy to find enemies at HQ. One reason is that the mini-map doesn't work when the player is in the HQ. Another reason can be attributed to the verticality of HQ. There are too many angles to pay attention to; however, this is why this trick is useful.


Reach On Top HQ To Find Enemies Easily

Apparently, this Call of Duty Mobile trick requires you to reach the top of the base. It will give you the edge over your enemies, regardless of your weapon, because you will see everyone.

Climb to the top of the HQ via parachute

An alternative way to reach the top point

The majority of players believed that to reach the top of the base in the CODM battle royale, they had to land there immediately upon jumping from the plane.

However, a YouTuber named KvleOfficial Gaming has done the trick in his video, where he reaches the top of the base by riding a laser beam below HQ.

Laser beams allow players to reach bases at specific points in the game. However, to reach the top of the base, the player must jump right when he reaches the top of the block to reach the highest position.

Climb up the laser beam to reach the topmost point on HQ

Reach the top of the laser beam and jump

Tricks or Glitch in Call Of Duty Mobile?

At this time, it is not known if this is a hoax or an in-game error. However, it seems that TiMi Studios won't remove this from the game. So, until now, these tricks were there for players to use in their gameplay and make the most of them.

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