Call Of Duty Mobile Season 11 Might Bring ‘Execution Moves’ In The Game

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 11 Might Bring ‘Execution Moves’ In The Game


Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 update is one of the most awaited updates for Call of Duty Mobile. As of now, we don’t have official information about the upcoming updates yet. However, some rumors are circulating regarding new content for Season 11.

Interestingly, a new rumor suggests that the Season 11 update might introduce ‘Execution Moves’ on Call of Duty Mobile.

If you are familiar with Call of Duty Warzone and Modern Warfare, then you should know about the finishing steps in the game.


Players can perform several unique moves to finish off enemies who are thrown with a special style. On top of that, players can sneak behind enemies to make the last move on them, which is pretty awesome.

Now, you know why getting finishing moves in Call of Duty Mobile can be such a big deal for players. Also, COD Mobile has introduced many features from Warzone in the Season 9 update, including armor plates, gunsmith, weapon modes, etc. That’s why getting in-game finishing moves is not impossible.

Execution Moves Call Of Duty Mobile

Since we’re on this topic, some leaks suggest that the Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 update might introduce ‘Night Mode’ in the game. On top of that, COD Mobile’s first-anniversary update looks like the perfect time for Zombie Mode to return.

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However, these are just rumors, and we can’t confirm anything until the Season 11 update comes out, which is scheduled for October. Additionally, COD Mobile developers confirmed that Season 11 will not get a test server. So, any new content we get for this Anniversary CODM update will be a surprise.

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