Drawn to Life Nintendo DS - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Drawn to Life Nintendo DS - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



Robot Templates

Enter Y, X, Y, X, A as a code.

Alien Templates

Enter X, Y, B, A, A as a code.

Animal Templates

Enter B, B, A, A, X as a code.

Sports Templates

Enter Y, A, B, A, X as a code.

All Templates

Hold L and press Y, A, B, A, X.


Go to start and hold L. Then while you are holding L push A, X, B, B, Y and then you can't die.


Unlock Secret Town

To unlock the secret town throw 10,000 coins in the wishing well.



Go to creation hall and tap on it. When you get in there stop at heros. Make a new hero. Then hit ok.

Main Character

Do you know the guide character with the green shirt? Well, color his shirt completely red and put a thunderbolt on it copy the hair design and BOOM! You have the main character!


If you get the Developers Grove Jeramiah (from 5th Cell) will tell you there might be a flower in the last level (Shadow Lair) that can save the Mayor.

Beating Deadwood

Shoot the pine cones to make him mad and when you destroy all of the pine cones you go inside him and you have to shoot him. DO NOT JUMP ON HIM. you should die inside him to get more acorns. If you go to the top the guy will throw you lives.

Secret Town

Yes, Drawn to Life has a secret town called Secret Town. To access it you must throw a total of 10,000 rapo coins down the town well. Once activated, a simple touch of the wishing well icon will take you to this second town.

Beating Deadwood

The first part of the level you fight deadwood a bunch of shadow walkers and shadow bats come out. To get through the first part you have to destroy the pine cones with faces on them. In the second part there are goo tentacles and a shadow demon by which deadwood is possessed. To beat the shadow demon you have to shoot at it, but you can't touch it, not even with a ground bounce.

Beating Frostwind

The first part of the level you fight frostwind, all you have to do is run from him. In the part with the cage you have to shoot at frostwind and avoid the icicles it shoots at you. If you hit the right spot (around his neck area) he will fall down and when he falls you have to ground bounce his head.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Drawn to Life yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Funny Glitch

When you battle frostwind, get the invincibility code. When he chases you, jump on his back and ground bounce. It will look like your sitting on him and he keeps flying. He'll keep flying for about 10-20 seconds.

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