Final Fantasy Tactics Advance GBA - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance GBA - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



We have no cheats or codes for Final Fantasy Tactics Advance yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Final Fantasy Tactics Advance yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Fighter Combonation Weapons

After you beat the game you will get two Dpatch missions th rewards will be 1. Ebon blade 2. Adaman blade. These blades are good for one they are under the mythril weapons and anything under them is good, and two one blade is pure darkness and the other is made from adamntine and parts from a legendary Rockbeast.

Uber Damage To Rockbeast

The best way to do physical damage to the rockbeast is to take the Defender class give him Excalibur2 (get after beating the game) give him Maximillian armor (dont know if thats how you spell it) and then attack, I did this, my defenders lvl 49, attack is 607 def 620 and he does 180+ damage to the rockbeast.

Judgemaster Cid

You can get Judgemaster Cid to join your clan first beating the game, then completing all 300 numbered missions. Then go to Bervenia Palace and a cutscene with Cid will start.

How To Send An Enemy To Jail

This is a very useful move and takes certain units to pull this off successfully. First look at the laws for the current day. Have a unit beserk an enemy unit so it'll attack you and break the law. After two attacks or one( if a unit is KO'ed) the unit will be imprisoned. Ex: Todays laws forbid the use of missle attacks. First have a soldier that knows "provoke", go up to an archer, hunter, gunner, assassin (only if using a bow), or sniper. Beserk that unit and it will begin firing at a random unit (usually weaker ones). After the first successful attack, the judge will give the beserked unit a yellow card. If the beserked unit had KO'ed your unit, it will immediately recieve a red card and be sent to jail. After the second violation of the law, the judge will imprison the unit. The key to imprisoning enemy units is using different law cards that restrict certain actions, but be aware of your consequence and don't forget the laws that are currently in effect. Note: Good for use in missions to get an easy victory.

Magic Wood

To make this mission easier go to ezels shop buy the missile card that prevents archers and snipers from attacking then go to the mission and post it up as a law and this will make the mission much easier.

Ritz Jobs

Basicly, Ritz only uses the jobs that a Veria does. Firstly, she'll be a Fencer. Then, Elimentalist. Then, she'll make a clan of nothing but Verias. In the end, you'll have to face her and her Clan...

Get Babus

Clear the Left Behind mission, then enter a town and clear the With Babus mission to get him.

Get A Summoner

To get a Summoner you must get an Elementalist. Then have your Elementalist master 2 moves. Then change your Elementalist to a WHT Mage and have her master 2 moves. After that you should be able to change her job to a Summoner.


To unlock Shara, Ritz's friend, as a clan member, clear "A Maiden's Cry" mission. Then enter a town.

Ezel Berbier

To unlock Ezel, the crafty law card maker, choose "Gossip" in the Card Shop. Then, clear the "Reconciliation" mission.

Ritz Malheur

To unlock Ritz as a clan member, clear the "Mortal Snow" mission.

Cid Randal

To unlock Cid, Mewt's Dad, as a clan member, clear all 300 missions. Cid is the royal judgemaster of Ivalance.


To get Double Sword you must get a sword called Nosada.

Weird Names

Accept the mission "Prof In Trouble." Then go to Lutia Pass. On the battlefield, there will be 3 Zombies. There names are the same as the 3 guys in the snowball fight in the real world.

Combo Abilities

When using combos the best way is by having attack combos with more than one person. When you you use a combo, have the other people in your clan that have combos surround the enemy you are going to attack first. Then attack the enemy and your other combo people will be blinking. Then choose Do it and then you and the other combo people will attack all at once. The best way to do this is to have the weaker clan members surround the enemy first and using the stronger combo man to start the attack. It is even better to have a gun combo with a Gunner because they do not have to be right next to the enemy to be part of the super combo.

Mission : Bored

Get Ezel in your clan, if you find his level too low as you haven't been using him. Ask him to leave your clan. Then there will be a 'bored' mission, do this if you want to level him up a bit! Note: I've only tried this twice, save your game before asking him to leave just in case it doesn't show up!

Successful Dpatch Missions

When doing a dpatch mission check your guys before you send one. If they are jumping, they will most likly succeed.If they're just walking they have a good chance. If they are lying down crying like a little baby they will fail. So if you are doing an expensive mission and no one is jumping, don't even bother and just wait till they level up

More Accurate Hits!

To hit the enemy easier, attack from the back or sides!

Recruiting Units

When you have 5 or less members in your clan, Montblanc will put up Recruitment Missions. These are 5 day dispatch missions that will get you another unit. Each month gets you a different kind of unit.

Characters With Medals

Certain enemies have small blue medals by their name. This makes them invulnerable to Law Effects, though they may get yellow cards, they will never get red cards.


Ultima is the most powerful magic in the game. Once a character learns it, switch that character to a class with a weapon that has a long range like archer or gunner because Ultima's range is based off of what your weapon range is.

Double Sword Skill

The Double Sword is an S skill that allows you to use 2 swords at a time. This is useful for learning skills becuase wearing 2 of the same weapon will double the amount of AP per battle you gain.

Race Jobs

If you did not yet know, there are many races in FFT Advance (5). Here is a list of what races have what jobs:

Bangaa:  -Normal-  Warrior  White Monk  -Expert-  Bishop  Dragoon  Gladiator  Defender  Templar    Humans:  -Normal-  Archer  Black Mage  Soldier  Theif  White Mage  -Expert-  Blue Mage  Fighter  Hunter  Illusionist  Ninja  Paladin    Moogles:  -Normal-  Animist  Black Mage  Thief  -Expert-  Gadgeteer  Gunner  Juggler  Mog Knight  Time Mage    Nu Mou:  -Normal-  Black Mage  Beastmaster  White Mage  -Expert-  Alchemist  Illusionist  Morpher  Sage  Time Mage    Viera:  -Normal-  Archer  Fencer  White Mage  -Expert-  Assassin  Elementalist  Red Mage  Sniper  Summoner  

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Final Fantasy Tactics Advance yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Final Fantasy Tactics Advance yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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