Fire Emblem GBA - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Fire Emblem GBA - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



We have no cheats or codes for Fire Emblem yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Fire Emblem yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Karla The Swordmaster

Karla is a Lv. 5 swordmaster that you can only get in Hector's campaign. In the chapter Crazed Beast, send Guy to the village to the south of the Bishop. Karla is in the village. She is Karel's brother, and you don't have Karel yet. In chapter 30x, have Bartre as a Lv. 5 or above warrior. Send him to the arena, and, if neither of them die, she joins your party. Give Bartre an Iron Rune, because Karla has a Wo Dao, and will get a critical otherwise.

Third Ocean Seal

The first two Ocean seals I had no idea existed, but in level 30, Victory or Death, there is a secret shop behind Limstella. It is surrounded by thickets, so you have to use Heath or another flier to get it, but make sure they have a delphi shield (lv. 26), because there's a manned ballista. Take him out, or you are DOOMED. The shop has Earth seals, ($20,000? ) Fell contracts, ($40,000), Ocean seals, ($50,000) and an assortment of staves. Get a Silver card and you won't have any trouble.

Secret Characters

After completing the final chapter, go to extras and click map. Choose a finished game. Complete the Tower of Valni, Lagdou Ruins, or monster skirmishes to earn secret characters. Those characters are Glen, Selena, Valter, Riev, Caellach, Fado, Ismaire, Hayden, Orson, and Lyon. They are all very powerful and carry strong weapons. THey can be leveled up easily by fighting strong enemy units.

Ocean Seals

Ocean Seals are probably the least known and hardest to find seals in the whole game. They turn pirates into Berserkers. There are only 2 ways to get an Ocean Seal. There's one floating around somewhere in the sand in Nabata. This one's pretty hard to find but it's free. The other is in a secret shop. This secret shop is in chapter 23 but only when you're fighting Linus. To open this chapter you must have 2 lords at level 20 and one at at least level 10. Then you have to have the member card which can be obtained in chapter 20. The secret shop is in the woods on the farthest east island on the map. To buy an Ocean Seal costs 50000 gold. Fortunately there's an arena in the town so you can get money there to buy the seal.

Get Vaida's Super Spear

In mission 24, when you must fight Vaida who is powered by Nergal, if you use the mine cheat, you can control her. Move her down to the shaman and trade her spear to him for the luna. Then kill that shaman to get Vaida's supercharged spear. If you give this spear to any unit they will get the power bonus Vaida was getting from Nergal.

Control Enemy Units

To control all enemy units that have not moved yet, move a weak character by someone who will attack them. Then lay a mine so that the enemy has to step on it to attack. Once the enemy steps on the mine and gets damaged, reset the game and choose resume chapter. All of the enemies that have not moved are now under your control. Even the bosses. Only reinforcements that come later will be free from your control, so you basically win the level easy.

Kill The Dragon

The dragon that you fight in the end has 120 HP and does a good amount of damage to anyone. The easiest way to kill it is to use eclipse. If it hits its health will fall to 60 making your job much easier. Otherwise keep using Hector's Armads and healing him if he gets injured. Once the dragon's health is low enough, use Eliwood kill him with Durandal.

Beat Nergal

In The final chapter after you kill all of the other units, you will have to fight Nergal. You can kill him easy if you use Athos' Aureola and Hector's Armads. You will probably need a physic staff to heal your units if they get hurt fighting him.

Skip Things

At the beginning of all chapters, there is a scene explaining what the chapter is about. If you've already seen it or don't care, press START to skip it. You can also do this with any scene or to make someone stop talking.

Beat Level 27 Boss Easy

In level 27 the boss will either be Lloyd a Swordmaster or Linus a Hero. Both have an item that blocks criticals, and they do a lot of damage and rarely miss. But, if you've been using Pent and he is above level 10 and has an Elfire, then send him up to the boss alone. Make sure that no one else can get attacked by the boss, because they will probably die. Then have Pent attack the boss, he will have a 85%+ hit rate, and do 10+ damage. But the boss will have about a 40% hit rate and do almost no damage and no critical. Just drain his health with Pent and have someone else kill him if you want exp.

Pegasus Triangle Attack

This is a special attack that can only be preformed in Hector's route. To do it you need the pegasus knight sisters: Florina, Fiora and Farina to surround one enemy. Then have one of them attack the enemy. The attack has a special animation sequence with 100% hit rate and 100% critical every time you use it.

Items In Hiding

I bet that most of you didnt have patience enuff to look for hidden secrets throughout the game. One secret for instances would be the many hidden items in chapter 22> the Living Legend. There are seven hidden items floating around in the sand which include: A Luna, an Ocean Seal, a body ring, Filla's Might, an Eclipse, a Light Rune, and a Hero Crest. To collect these items, just wait on a spot for an item for one turn, if an item is there, it will alert you. Matthew will have to dig them up.

Get Hawkeye

In the desert in chapter 22, a berserker will appear after a few turns or so. He will start attacking your enemies along with Pent (you can't get him yet). Have one of people (I suggest Eliwood)talk to him and he will join you. It is a pretty good idea to recruit him because he is so powerful.

Easy Level Ups

During the game, have your weaker charaters beat the boss of the chapter and they will level up 1 level. You might want your lords to this, so at level 20 you can up-grade them to there new form.

Eliwood The Knightlord

Hope you used the first two heaven's seals on Lyn and Hector because at the end of chapter 27, Athos will only upgrade Eliwood using the last heaven's seal regardless of his level. Once becoming a knightlord, Eliwood will be able to use lances.

Pent And Louise

In the beginning of chapter 24, Pent and Louise join you. Be careful. If you lose Pent, you will lose Louise too. It is the same thing for Louise.

Changing Scenery

There are 2 chapters in the game when the map will look different, Ch. 23 and Ch. 25. These maps will change to give you different characters. In Ch. 23 you could get either Wallace or Dart's friend Gietz. In Ch. 25 you could get either Karel or Harken. While getting Harken or Karel doesn't matter on the map, getting Gietz or Wallace does. The objective must be to defeat Lloyd to get Wallace, or defeat Linus to get Gietz.

Get Rath

In chapter 21, after the first or 2 turns pass, rath and 2 of his men will arive and assist you. Simply have Lyn talk to Rath and he will join your team. Make sure you get to him before he is killed, if not you can't get him for the rest of the game.

Get Wallace

In Chapter 22, Wallace will be roaming around defeating black fang. Just have Lyn go up to him and talk then he'll join your team. Wallace is a General so it would be a good idea to get him because of his high defensive power.

The Sound Room

After competeing a majority of the game, you'll get the "Sound Room" under extras. In here you'll be able to listen to songs you unlocked and the pictures you've unlocked during your adventure.

Karel Of The Plains

In chapter 26, some things change for some reason. Like the map andthe boss you fight. If you fight the boss that is a bishop, a NPC will appear (he's green). Have a lord talk to him. He is a level 8 blademaster.

Talk With Hector

During chapter 7, when you have to save Ninian, you'll notice a house by the castle Heintz is guarding. Have Matthew enter it first and he will engage in a conversation with Lord Hector of Ostia, however Hector won't join the team though. Afterward have Serra enter the house to see a comedic scene. After you've done this, Hector will say his normal lines.

Hector The Greatlord

After you save the prince in chapter 26, the Queen will give you the second Heaven seal. If you used the first one on Hector and it will upgrade him to a Great Lord. He will be able to use swords.

Get Farina

In Hector's story there is a chapter called Crazed Beast. A few rounds in to the battle a Peg Knight will appear. Position Hector on the area of land closest to her at the bottom and wait. There is no threat from enemies. The enemies onland won't move unless you are close enough to attack. The enemy ballista are out of range. The enemy Peg could fly down if they are still alive (they usually are'nt) but if Hector is above level 10 this shouldn't be a problem. When Farina flies over to talk to Hector you must have 20,000 gold. If you do Hector will ask you if you want her to join. Say yes because you can get an Elysian whip from the village. Use it immediately as Farina is level 14. She will then be a Falco Knight which can use swords and are extremely powerful.

Earth Seal

To get the Earth Seal in chapter 24 in the bottom city you will get the earth seal. The earth seal will evolve anyone over level 10.

Heaven Seals

There are only 3 heaven seals in the world. They can only evolve your lords to a more powreful state. Pent will have the first one, the queen will have the second and the third is hidden some where. The first 2 you could give to Hector or Lyndis, depending on who you like better, but Eliwood can only use the last one .

Get Jaffar

In Chapter 26 Battle Before Dawn you protect the prince of Bern. You will find Nino and Jaffar seperated with Ursula in between them. Enter through both entrences at the area where you start out and go down to where Jaffar and Nino are. Bring a lord (preferably your strongest) to talk to Nino and she will join your side then have the lord rescue he and bring her to where you started. Then on the opposite entrence that leads to Jaffar send 1 or 2 Paladins down. Have one rescue Jaffar and bring him where Nino will talk with him and he will join your side when you beat the Chapter. Then have the other Paladin kill-off the enemys that Jaffar was fighting.

Get Canas, The Shaman

In chapter 16x, go to the first of the locals in the middle top. Then you will talk to Canas because he will want to go on the ship too, so he will join your group.

Get Vaida

When you first encounter her in Chapter 24 Unfulfilled Heart she is super powerful so it is best to stay out of her way. Then when you rencounter her in Chaper 27 Cog Of Destiny keep 2 Snipers down where Merlinis is and a Lord when the first 3 Wyvern Riders apper she is the top one. Just talk to her with the lord and she will join and then kepp killing off the Wyvern Riders that keep appering with Vaida and the 2 Snipers.


Crests are things that will evolve a character usually when they are levels 10 and up. So you should get items that might be crests and evolve characters to higher stats. Like a Knight to General.

Lyn The Bladelord

In the second saga, you will get a heaven's crest. Use it on Lyn (she must be at least lv.10). She will then transform into a Bladelord. She can then use bows.

Get Dart

At 16x, when you are supposed to reach Fargus, you shouldn't beat Dart, he'll come back in another chapter, maybe 18, and he will join your group.

Harken The Hero

In Chapter 25, Harken a hero will enter and he will be upset about Marquess Pharae's (Eliwood's father) death. Have Eliwood talk to Harken and he'll join your army.

Jaffar The Assassin

In Ch. 26, after you get Nino, have one of your riders (Kent, Sain, Lowen, Marcus, Pricilla) take her to Jaffar. Before doing this make sure you had people over help to protect him for his killing edge wont last long. When you get her there, have Nino talk to Jaffar. He'll be upset because she didn't leave, But at the end of the Chapter he will join Eliwoods team.

Get Legault

In chapter 19, an enemy theif known as Legault will betray Black Fang. Have Lyn talk to Legault and he will be persuaded to join your group.

Get Nino

In Chapter 26 you have to defend the prince of Bern. While doing this, have Lyn, Hector, or Elimood talk to Nino. After a brief disscussion she will join the team.

Trinity Of Magic

Like the weapons triangle the trinity of magic lets you have an advantage. Light beats dark, dark beats amine* and amine beats light. *Amine is Wind, Thunder, Fire, Water.

Getting Raven And Lucius

On chapter 16, the one where you regain Lyn's castle you can get Raven the mercenary and also have the monk Lucius rejoin your party. To do this bring Pricilla in the battle. Protect her until she reaches her long lost brother Raymond (Raven). Hopefully you do this before the soliders escape or they might hurt him. Let Pricilla talk to raven and get him on your team. Then let Raven talk to Lucius. They are great characters to add to the team.

Weaken Stronger Bosses

An easy way to defeat strong bosses use indirect combat before using Lyn or another direct attack. In level 10 you can also pick up a steel bow for Wil and Rath. This helps a lot against final bosses.

Play As Hector As The Main Character

Beat Eliwood's Game and watch the entire ending. Then, save your game & then you can play as Hector.

Mercenary Raven

Early in Eliwood's story, you will have a mission where you recapture Lyn's castle. A mercenary named Raven, (pointed out in a cut scene) is in actuality Priscila's brother. Have her talk to him to convince him to join your cause.

Return To Game Fast

When you turn off the game and want to return to your game fast. First hold down start, select, A and B. Then let go of B. You will return to the last played game.

Get Merlinus

In order to get Merlinus, complete the side quest that comes after Ch. 13, the one where you must protect Merlinus for seven turns. If you successfully complete the side quest, you'll get the option to dispatch Merlinus, a merchant who will store some of your items when you can't carry them. Just follow the instructions that follow after you get merlinus.

Side Quests

After you complete certain chapters, you'll have the option to go on side quests. There, you'll be able to gain exp. points, items and new companions.

Get Guy

In Ch. 13, guard Matthew until he reaches a swordsman called Guy. Let him talk to Guy. Then, he'll join your side because he owes matthew his life. He is a good swordsman. Note: If Guy is killed by one of your men, you can't get him. Only Matthew is able to get Guy on your side.

The Saga Continues

After Lyn seizes the throne from Lord Lundgren you will start a new journey with Eliwood.

Weapon Advantage

In the game there is a weapon triangle. The triangle is axes are stronger than lances, lances are stronger than swords and swords are stronger than axes. Using this method will defeat your opponents quicker and easier.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Fire Emblem yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Fire Emblem yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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