Fortnite adds sports cars, pickups, and trucks with new Joy Ride update


Fortnite has finally added cars to the game with its latest update, “Joy Ride”. The battle royale title has had plenty of vehicles come and go over past updates, including planes, helicopters, boats, golf carts, drift boards, and ATVs, but plain old cars are a new addition. Their introduction was teased back in the trailer for the Chapter 2: Season 3 launch that flooded the map, but they are now available with the game’s latest update.

So far, there seem to be just four types of cars available. There’s the middle-of-the-road Islander Prevalent, the sporty Victory Motors Whiplash, the OG Bear pickup, and the Titano Mudflap big rig. They’re easy enough to find around the map, though you will have to keep them topped up with gas (which you can find at gas pumps or in throwable gas cans).

Fortnite CarFortnite Car

In our brief time using the cars, they definitely seem like they’ll change some of the game’s dynamics. They not only allow fast movement across some of the more inaccessible parts of the map, but they are pretty deadly, too. It’s not hard to get some quick eliminations just by running people down, and they’re hardy enough to smash through walls. The different cars have different top speeds and health bars depending on their make, but they can generally take a beating.

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Fortnite CarFortnite Car

Perhaps the most unexpected aspect of the cars, though, is that they come with radio stations, although at the time of writing, these have been “temporarily disabled.” We’ve seen reports and videos of cars playing tracks from the likes of Lady Gaga, Drake, and Ariana Grande, but it seems you’ll have to wait to hear the music yourself.

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