Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 leaks: Female Midas, Weapon Attachments, New Predator Portals, & More

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 leaks: Female Midas, Weapon Attachments, New Predator Portals, & More


The current season at Fortnite is surprisingly quite interesting. The Predator ship has landed on the Stealthy Stronghold. Other new weapons have also arrived, and there is a lot of new content for players to enjoy.

Some leaks suggest that there is more interesting content to come for the players this season.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 leaks

Fortnite Female Midas Skin

Way back in December, data miners had revealed that a female Midas was in the development. They don't talk about her skin, but a loading screen showing the female Midas is revealed.

It doesn't make it into the game yet, but rumors suggest that the female Midas will be the new skin for Fortnite Crew subscribers in February.

It will be worth seeing how the female Midas plays in the current storylines of Fortnite. Apart from that, the Predator portal has also been leaked. It looks like a cute little jet stream but on land. It will be very useful to see how this portal works in the game.

Fortnite Portal Nightmare:

Fortnite Portal Nightmare

Fortnite Portal Typhoon:

Fortnite Portal Typhoon

Previously, the Fortnite HYPEX data miner had revealed that there will be a new feature in the game called weapon mod slots. This feature allows players to customize different weapon modifications such as scopes and suppressors on different weapons. HYPEX is finally out with more information about this weapon mod slot.

As per the tweet, the weapons will have multiple mod slots, but each weapon will have a weapon-specific mod. This makes sense, since adding scope to a rifle is pretty pointless.

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Currently, with all the leaks that are available to the community, the modification of the new weapons will be quite an interesting addition to this game. While it doesn't break the game, this mod will definitely affect how players navigate through Fortnite.

Female Midas skin is also an interesting new revelation for the community. Players have been anticipating the introduction of the skin for a while now, and if the rumors are true, then it will be in Fortnite next month.

Predator, the newest bounty hunter on the block, will probably come in Fortnite with update 15.21. The upcoming weeks in Fortnite are worth looking forward to.

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