Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1: XP glitch gives 30,000 XP every second, here's how

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1: XP glitch gives 30,000 XP every second, here's how


Chapter 3 content and the Battle Pass have Fortnite players scrambling for fast XP farming methods to level up and earn Battle Stars. Many XP glitches were discovered, but Epic Games acted quickly to fix them.

However, another glitch was recently discovered and gives players thousands of experiences per second with little or no effort. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to find this XP error and get the rewards.

Fortnite 1v1 map quietly offer players thousands of experiences

First, load it into the creative hub where the creative island code can be entered to find the XP error map. Walk to the console and type 3890-9555-6290. Be sure to start this party privately to avoid other players rushing for XP errors as well.

After the map loads, it should say 'G6T Clennest 1V1.' Wait for the game to start, and head to the backside of the arena where the phone booth will change clothes. Walk to the corner next to it and the spectacle option and get up on the water until you place 4-floor tiles protruding from the right side of the square.

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Place the extra tile on the left to where it looks like the 'L' connects to the square. In the middle of the last 2 tiles, there must be an interaction button for the player to press. Activate, and XP will come flooding in passively. Hit more to get more XP to level up faster for the Fortnite Chapter 3 Battle Pass.

There is a second interactive button as well. Go back to the main platform and find the piece that says 'You can use the weapon' and place 2-floor tiles side by side where they cover both sides of the weapon piece.

Get up on the water 5 times for a total of 10 tiles to be placed. Standing on the fifth-floor pair, rotate and edit the inner corners of the fourth-floor pair.

Just like the other buttons, this interaction can be found in the center where the tiles meet. Press it and more XP will flow.

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