Fortnite Season 6: All Bunker Chest Locations

Fortnite Season 6: All Bunker Chest Locations


There's a new kind of loot in Fortnite, and players are looking for it like crazy.

As with every update and season, Fortnite gets its fair share of new loot and other items. It's a great way to make each new season and update that much more unique. These chests contain tons of new materials and powerful weapons to win.

Thanks to places like, great maps for diving into each location are available.

Fortnite Bunker Chest Locations

These new chests contain a very high level of legendary weapons and are much better than other Supply Drops and Mystic Chests. The thing is, these chests aren't always visible to the naked eye, and players may have to dig them up. Using the map below will help players traverse to multiple locations and quickly obtain new Fortnite Bunker Chests.

Fortnite Bunker Chest Locations


Shark Island

This Bunker Chest is inside a tower that's at the northwest corner of the entire island. At its bottom base level, players will be able to find the chest.

Stealthy Stronghold

In Stealthy Stronghold, this chest is buried in the south area under a field, just outside of the walls. The field is right on top of a small hill.

Pleasant Park

This chest will be in the house that has a storm shelter on the southeastern corner of the POI.

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Craggy Cliffs

Look for a house that has a red roof on the west part of the POI. Once there, the Bunker chest will be under some staircases.

Pristine Point (Between Craggy Cliffs & Steamy Stacks)

This chest can be found inside an attic on the west side of this landmark.

Steamy Stacks

Despite being large, these chests were located within a building that was half-covered in the sand. Going to the bottom of the basement, players can find the chest. Other chests can also be found here if the player heads to the shoreline, just southeast of Steamy Stacks. These chests are under a pile of sand, so players have to dig with their pickaxes.

Sweaty Sands

Players can find this chest in the attic of a house that's located on the southeastern part of the POI.

Weeping Woods

This chest will be right next to the control panel in a house just in the northern area of this POI.

Retail Row

There are two chests in Retail Row, of which the first can be found in a house just on the southwestern edge of the town. The second one will be on the flower fields, towards the west side.

Fortnite All Bunker Chest Locations

Misty Meadows

Players can find a bunker chest near a large house right next to a flower field. Heading towards the southwest side of Misty Meadows will provide a better view.

Slurpy Swamps

Players heading towards Slurpy Swamps can find a chest just below the POI. Heading towards the southeastern corner, players should be able to find a trailer park. There, the shack should be waiting for players with the bunker chest inside.

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