Fortnite Season 6: Best 5 locations to find and tame a wolf

Fortnite Season 6: Best 5 locations to find and tame a wolf


Being able to tame wolves in Fortnite Season 6 proved difficult for some players.

Wild animals are just one of the many new additions to the game. We've seen a few NPCs enter the game before, but the ability to tame wolves in Fortnite is completely new.

There are two ways to tame wolves in Fortnite. Someone is basically releasing it with a little meat and trying to sneak up on the animal. Others require the player to make a Hunter Cloak and get close to the wolf from there.

Below is a list of the best places to find and tame wolves in Fortnite Season 6.

Most convenient locations to tame a wolf in Fortnite Season 6

5. Stealthy Strongholds

Fortnite Stealthy Strongholds

Players need a little luck to find some wolves in Stealthy Stronghold. Inside the walled area, there were lots of wild animals. Even though most boars and chickens lay eggs, it's still possible to find some wolves too.

Players are better off using the Hunter Cloak here as it is a confined space, meaning wild animals can appear in any direction.

4. Colossal Crops

Colossal Crop provides better opportunities because there are open fields in the northern region. This is a great area for wolves to run around and allows players to tame them.

If they were in a group, it would be best to use Hunter Cloaks instead of just sneaking upon them.

Gamers just need to be careful of other players because this is a common area where almost anyone can land.

3. Boney Burbs

Fortnite Boney Burbs

On the northwest side of the map, Boney Burbs also provides a good opportunity to tame wolves in Fortnite. It was located near the main Central Spire, where usually a lot of NPC traffic was going on. Apart from that, players also need a reasonable number of frogs or chickens to use as bait.

Due to its open space, players are more likely to find a pack of wolves than just one. So, they have to be most discreet.

2. Misty Meadows (Hills)

Misty Meadows is almost the best place to find some wolves. In general, players must be in the mountains or forests. Wandering anywhere in the Misty Meadows mountains allows players to have a better chance of finding a lone wolf, although they must remember that these animals can also come in groups.

Hills and mountains usually carry at least one pack per match for those lucky enough to run into it. The Misty Meadows and the surrounding highlands were large enough to supply many gatherings.

1. Weeping Woods

Fortnite Weeping Woods

Weeping Woods is probably the best place to find and tame wolves in Fortnite. Players almost always find packages in deep forests. This is almost the preferred place for wolves to lay their eggs. With an arsenal of weapons and the proper Hunters Cloak, they could tame him in no time.

This location is almost always a guarantee for the wolf pack at once, so players should have no problem encountering them.

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