Fortnite Season 6: Hatching a raptor egg marks the imminent arrival of the Dinosaurs on the map

Fortnite Season 6: Hatching a raptor egg marks the imminent arrival of the Dinosaurs on the map


The dinosaur eggs on the Fortnite Season 6 map are starting to break.

Although Epic Games has provided the looper with some in-game features never seen in Battle Royale, it seems they have more plans to develop.

Exactly one week after the launch date of Fortnite Season 6, the dinosaur egg that caught the public's attention has cracked open a little.

This, together with the season's theme of being "Primal," means that anything is possible after these eggs are fully hatched, including the introduction of birds of prey to the battlefield.

Fortnite Season 6 Dinosaur Eggs

Fortnite Season 6 Dinosaur Eggs

A Fortnite leaker, known as @FNinformation on Twitter just shared the above video with the community via tweet. If the player listened carefully, they would see that, along with the broken egg, a heartbeat could now be heard.

Fortnite Season 6 players received a leak recently from data miners, releasing actual coding that proves a raptor got into the game.

However, speculation of a dinosaur appeared beforehand when players paid attention to all the subtle clues left on the battlefield by the developers.

Raptor Teased in Fortnite

Raptors Teased Before Reveal

Fortnite YouTuber Ali-A recently released a video highlighting some of Fortnite Season 6's hidden secrets. In this video, Ali-A shows the audience where dinosaur and human interacting symbols can be found.

These images, along with the primitive-looking Tarana skin featured in Fortnite Season 6, provide enough information for the loop to know dinosaurs came to the game. Tarana is shown using a dinosaur skull, which shows the impression of a dinosaur hunter.

Fortnite Tarana

Fortnite's Tarana art

Now that these eggs have hatched, the player wonders what the possible interactions with birds of prey might be.

With Fortnite Season 6 including new elements of hunting and taming animals, players can interact with raptors in two ways.

Players will definitely be able to hunt dinosaurs, perhaps for more valuable loot than wolves or wild boars can drop. Fortnite Season 6 players will also likely be able to tame raptors, use them to eliminate opponents, and score Victory Royale # 1.

If in just a week a dinosaur egg hatched in Fortnite Season 6, then the arrival of the raptor would have been closer than looper had expected. There may only be one week left before raptors and other prehistoric icons reach the battlefield.

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