Fortnite Season 6: How to find secret ghost NPC?

Fortnite Season 6: How to find secret ghost NPC?


Fortnite Season 6 may have a primal theme, but it comes with a few secrets that might not resonate with it. The current season has seen many changes to the map and overall gameplay. Also, Fortnite Season 6 has ghost NPCs that players only encounter at night.

Interestingly, the game has such a secret because it offers players the thrill of exploring the island as well. These secret NPCs have their own set of bounties and often sell interesting items too.

How to find the ghost in Fortnite Season 6

This ghost can be found somewhere around Weeping Woods in Fortnite Season 6. The best part about this ghost is that players can't actually encounter ghosts during the day. NPCs can only be found walking around the Weeping Woods area at night.

As seen in the youtube video, ghost NPCs sell gaps and other items in exchange for gold. The most interesting thing about this NPC was that it disappeared during lunch break. Loopers may have a hard time finding this ghost at first, but it is possible that it can appear in the same area over and over again.

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Since Fortnite Island is reset every 22 minutes, players have approximately 11 minutes to interact with this ghost NPC named Willow. When the first rays of the sun hit, he disintegrated into energy and disappeared.

It's really cool to see the developers put such a secret on the island, and with that kind of accuracy too. At this time, it was worth scouring the island in search of more secrets like this one. The developers at Epic Games are very sneaky and are known to hide such secrets on the island as well.

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Update 16.10 for Fortnite Season 6 is also around the corner. As per the information from the data miner, the raptor is probably playing with the upcoming update in Fortnite Season 6. There is talk of more exotics being added to the game as well. It will be interesting to see if Willow ends up selling exotic weapons of his own.

It's also interesting to see if any new secret NPCs like Willow get added with the Fortnite Season 6 16.10 update.

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