Fortnite Season 6: How to get Griddy Emote (Justin Jefferson)

Fortnite Season 6: How to get Griddy Emote (Justin Jefferson)


Justin Jefferson, a soccer player currently with the Minnesota Vikings, was the first NFL player to receive his own traversal award at Fortnite. He performed the Griddy Dance every time he got a touchdown and soon, players could do it in the game too.

The Griddy Dance is an iconic emote traversal series that will be available on Fortnite along with Justin Jefferson's own locker bundle, making the whole crossover really interesting.

How to get Justin Jefferson's emote in Fortnite

fortnite justin jefferson emote

The Griddy Dance traversal emotes along with Justin Jefferson's locker bundle will be available at the Fortnite item store on April 28, 2021, at around 8 p.m. EST. He became the second athlete to carve his name in the world of Fortnite, right after Neymar Jr., who happened to be the secret skin in this season's battle pass.

In addition to the Griddy Dance emote traversal at Fortnite, Epic Games has also included the Signature Shuffle emote in Justin Jefferson's locker bundle. The package includes the Hit Man skin, Hit Me back bling, Weathered Gold pickaxe, and Arcade Kid wrap.

Justin Jefferson's locker bundle is scheduled to go live on April 28th, as mentioned before, which happens to be a day before the NFL 2021 draft. These details were confirmed by Epic Games in their official blog post. They also went on to note that the Griddy dance wasn't created by Justin Jefferson. According to a blog post, Epic Games claimed that the Griddy emote was created by Allen "Griddy" Davis in 2017.

Since the Griddy emote is an emote traversal, players can move while releasing emotions. The emote also features the song Right Foot Creep by YoungBoy Never Broke Again.

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From superheroes to athletes, every popular individual under the sun is starting to become a part of the Fortnite universe. Depending on how the locker bundle performs, and how viewers view Justin Jefferson in the coming days, he may as well receive his own skin, as Neymar Jr. did. And even if that didn't happen, he would still be immortalized in the Fortnite universe, thanks to Griddy's emote.

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