Fortnite Season 6: Wolves, Chicken, and other tamable animals locations

Fortnite Season 6: Wolves, Chicken, and other tamable animals locations


Fortnite Season 6 has introduced several animals that can be tamed or hunted for resources.

With Zero Point sealed into the spire of a stone tower by Agent Jones and the Foundation, it sent a huge pulse across the island, destroying all forms of advanced technology. Also, this pulse carries the theme of the primordial era to all regions around the Spire.

This resulted in the appearance of several animals on the island. Not only can these animals be hunted for in-game resources, but they can also be tamed and controlled to accompany the player throughout the game. Apart from that, Epic Games also makes it easier for players to find these animals in Fortnite Season 6.

New Animals in Fortnite Season 6

New Animals in Fortnite Season 6

The list of animals introduced to Fortnite Season 6 is:

  • Wolves
  • Boars
  • Chickens
  • Frogs

Here's everything players need to know about finding these tameable animals in Fortnite Season 6.

Where To Find Tamed Animals in Fortnite Season 6

Epic Games makes it easy enough for players to find tamed animals all over the Fortnite map. These animals spawn randomly all over the island and can be found at any location on the map. However, there are certain areas where players have a higher chance of finding these animals.

Chickens and wild boars are most likely found in agricultural areas such as the newly introduced Bony Burbs or Colossal Crops. However, players are also expected to encounter these animals while traveling through the deserted areas of Fortnite. Likewise, players are more likely to find frogs near bodies of water than deep landmass.

Finding wolves can be a little tricky, as these creatures roam the Fortnite map and can be very difficult to find. However, Weeping Woods' dense forest seems to be the best choice for players to find wolves in Fortnite Season 6.

Therefore, players need to note that this creature can attack the player before being tamed because it is a wild animal.

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However, the introduction of wild animals, as well as features that allow players to tame them, is definitely an interesting addition to Fortnite Season 6. How it affects the overall gameplay of Fortnite is something everyone will have to wait to find out, as Season 6 goes into deeper territory.

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