Fortnite v16.10 Patch Notes: DC Characters, New Exotics, Dwayne Johnson, & More

Fortnite v16.10 Patch Notes: DC Characters, New Exotics, Dwayne Johnson, & More


With the latest Fortnite v16.0 update, players are relieved to have more consistent gameplay.

Even though the update was released on March 23rd, online chat is currently about the upcoming v16.10 update as soon as next week. So far, there seems to be a guarantee that the update will be released at the end of the month.

Fortnite Season 6 update v16.10

With the latest update providing better spawning rates for players, animals, vehicles, and other new features, the v16.10 update will produce even more. With this update, players can expect to see a lot of new equipment and characters.

Gears & Weapons


It's rumored that the infamous Driftboard will be seen once again in this new update. Players might remember the Driftboard from way back in Chapter 1 – Season 7.

fortnite driftboard

One thing to note is that driftboards are mainly used in snow or water. The new map has water but is mostly land. There is speculation that Drftboard might be too strong on land.

Recycler Gun

Another upcoming weapon is the Recycler Gun. It was shown briefly in the Season 6 trailer but was never officially added. If it does appear in the next update, players will have to adjust to its uses.

Fortnite Recycler Gun

To use the Recycler Gun properly, players must convert materials into ammunition. Basically, it allows players to siphon spare materials and ammunition to fire Junk Bombs.

New Exotics

The new update will also introduce several new Exotics. Deadfire will sell Marksman Revolver, Lara Croft will sell Grappler Bow, Raptor will sell Flare Gun, and Rebirth Raven will sell Unstable Bow.

With this, players can expect new NPCs that haven't been out yet. Although not much is known about it yet, players hope to see them next week or so with the new update.

Other News


Fortnite Raptor Eggs

Another thing that the community can hope for in this update is Raptors that players can tame. The latest update, v16.0, introduces Raptor eggs scattered all over the map. Hopefully, they'll hatch in a new version of Fortnite.

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Meteors are expected to make a return to in-game matches. Aside from dealing with damage to players, it's possible the meteors also play a pivotal role in the storyline. It could bring more members of The Seven to the island.

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson is still rumored to have somehow made an appearance in the next few Fortnite updates.

On March 16th, Johnson made a video following the Fortnite Season 6 launch. Watch a recap of it here.

He may be a voice for an upcoming member of The Seven or have something to do with The Foundation.

Fortnite The Rock The Foundation

With new updates packed with fresh content, players are sure to get a treat. The Fortnite community is very excited and has high hopes for Season 6 with all the new updates in progress.

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