Genshin Impact 1.5 PvP events, Inazuma, new world bosses, and more

Genshin Impact 1.5 PvP events, Inazuma, new world bosses, and more


Update 1.5 for Genshin Impact seems to be one of the biggest updates in recent months.

There is a lot to discuss regarding update 1.5 for Genshin Impact. First, PvP events weren't what some players expected. This isn't a full-on PvP experience where players try to kill each other. In contrast, the Windtrace event to which it is a part is more akin to hide and seek. In addition to that event, there will be more world bosses and other items for players to enjoy.

This won't be an in-depth rundown covering every aspect of the 1.5 updates. However, it will cover some of the most important aspects of the event, especially those related to PvP events, bosses, and Inazuma.

Genshin Impact 1.5 PvP event, Inazuma, new world bosses, and more revealed

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As previously mentioned, there is a lot to discuss regarding the 1.5 updates to Genshin Impact. The new world boss and Inazuma mean that players with strong teams can appreciate the new challenges that have to be overcome. Even weaker players still had a lot to do, including PvP events.

The PvP event

Genshin Impact Windtrace Tutorials Overview

Wind trace is the name of the PvP event that is coming soon to Genshin Impact, and it's rather unorthodox for players expecting traditional PvP combat. Instead, it will be Genshin Impact's version of hide and seek, with there being two teams: Rebels and Hunters.

Hunters are seekers and Rebels who must hide. The rebels must aim for a certain amount of time and avoid getting caught in that time frame to "win." There will be a currency for participating players known as "Windtrace coins" which players in the shop can use for special rewards similar to the previous event shop.

To participate in this event, players must have at least an Adventure Rank of 20. If a player has an Adventure Rank of 20 or higher, they will automatically unlock the missions associated with this part of the event. If not, then players will have to grind until they reach an Adventure Rank of 20.


Genshin Impact Inazuma

Image via Genshin Impact Wiki

The upcoming character known as Ayaka is the only playable character in Genshin Impact who comes from Inazuma. Scaramouche also has ties to this region, and soon, Genshin Impact players will be able to travel to this much-coveted location.

Inazuma is based in Japan, and there will be several interesting areas for the player to explore, such as:

  • The Yae Publishing House
  • Uyuu Restaurant
  • Kannazuka
  • Tatarasuna, Kannazuka
  • Mikage Furnace, Tatarasuna, Kannazuka
  • Inazuma City
  • Tenshukaku, Inazuma City
  • Narukami Island
  • Grand Narukami Shrine, Narukami Island
  • Yashiori Island

Genshin Impact Yashiori Island

Image via Genshin Impact Wiki

In Yashiori Island, it is said that there is a giant skeleton of a snake. Apparently, there is an aura of evil that lurks around the island. Naturally, all of the other locations are also interesting.

If players like the idea of seeing flowers in Genshin Impact, they should check out Tatarasuna at Kannazuka. Likewise, Tenshukaku will be a point of interest associated with Electro Archon, meaning that players will likely see a lot of things from this location in the storyline.


Genshin Impact Bosses

Image via PlayStation Blog

If players want to grind more materials, then they should be pleased to know that the 1.5 updates will introduce some new bosses. Azhdaha, Cryo Hypostasis, and the Abyss Lector: Violet Lightning, are the new noteworthy bosses to fight in the upcoming update.

Azhdaha is a legendary dragon associated with the Geo element. Like Stormterror was associated with Venti, it would seem as though Azhdaha is associated with Zhongli. Out of the three bosses, Azhdaha will likely be the most challenging for players to face in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Hypostasis Bosses

Image via PlayStation Blog

On the opposite side of the spectrum is Cryo Hypostasis. As Hypostasis bosses tend to be easy, players should have no issue facing off against the Cryo variant of this archetype. This boss is associated with Dragonspine.

Finally, Abyss Lector: Violet Lightning uses ranged Electro and Hydro attacks (Unlike the Abyss Herald), which can further drain the player of their Elemental Energy. Although he looks intimidating, his lack of resistance will mean that players can easily dispatch him in a quick burst.

Other 1.5 news

Genshin Impact Update 1.5 News

Image via PlayStation Blog

As usual, Genshin Impact will have other content for players to look forward to. Beyond the typical content, however, is news that Genshin Impact will officially launch on the PS5 console on April 28, 2021. With a 4K resolution, faster loading times, and better textures, it looks promising to PS5 owners.

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