Google signs exclusive Stadia game deals with five game developers

Google signs exclusive Stadia game deals with five game developers

96 - Google has signed five new developers to create an exclusive title for its Stadia gaming cloud service. Two of the five projects have been fully realized, with one ready for release.

The developer of Splash Damage, which developed Microsoft's exclusive Gears Tactics recently, now makes an online multiplayer game called Outcasters, while the well-known strategy studio and tower defense, Robot Entertainment has their third installment in Orc Must Die! The series arrived at Stadia today as part of a Stadia Pro subscription or for $ 29.99. (Orcs Must Die! 3 was previously announced as a Stadia exclusive in August 2019.)

But the bigger news, part of the broader Stadia Connect event from Google on Tuesday, is that Google has worked with developers of Rock Band Harmonix and Supermassive Games to Dawn studio to bring exclusive games to the platform at some point in time. front. Also included in the upcoming exclusive list is a new title from the lesser-known Uppercut Games studio, known for mobile and cross-platform games such as Epoch and Submerged.

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It is not at all clear what type of game this will be or how far in the process of developing one of these studios, but it is convincing to see Stadia get some higher profile names for the growing ranks. The company is hunting for Sony Santa Monica Studio head Shannon Studstill in March to run a new office in Playa Vista, California, and she is currently working with Stadia's content head, Jade Raymond, to build an internal studio network to build an exclusive platform utilizing Google's cloud platform.

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