GTA 6: Characters from GTA San Andreas who should be brought back

GTA 6: Characters from GTA San Andreas who should be brought back


GTA 6 is still far away. Rockstar Games has not revealed or provided any clues regarding the development of GTA 6. However, it never hurts to speculate or guess what the contents of the next GTA will be.

GTA San Andreas has some of the best characters in the entire GTA franchise. So it would be great to see some characters back in GTA 6.

This article will focus on 5 characters from GTA San Andreas that should reappear in GTA 6.

GTA San Andreas characters who should comeback in GTA 6



Carl Johnson aka CJ, the main protagonist of GTA San Andreas, should return in GTA 6. He is a great and well-written character with a great storyline. It would be great to see it back in action and the developers should explore the storyline further.


GTA Sweet

Another character that should return in GTA 6 is Sweet. He is the leader of the Grove Street Family and CJ's older brother in GTA San Andreas. Sweet's character was well-liked among GTA fans, and he was later seen trying to reclaim the power within the gang in GTA San Andreas.

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Madd Dogg

GTA Madd Dogg

Madd Dogg is a popular rapper and friend of CJ's in GTA San Andreas. He was also referenced in GTA 5; Jimmy has Madd Dogg and OG Loc CDs in his room under the TV in an enhanced version of the game. This might be a great way for Rockstar to bring Madd Dogg back into GTA 6 as a veteran artist or on some kind of story mission.

Cesar Vialpando

GTA Cesar Vialpando

CJ and Cesar are best friends in GTA San Andreas. He helps CJ and Sweet reclaim territory for the Grove Street Families. He would be a perfect fit for GTA 6 because he is a brave and loyal man who goes out of his way to help. The developer had to give his character some goals in the new game.

The Truth

GTA The Truth

The Truth is an interesting and fun character to make friends with within GTA San Andreas. He is a hippie and conspiracy theorist in the game who later credits CJ for beating the system. He will be a great addition to GTA 6 because he can give players missions like in GTA San Andreas.

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