.Hack: Outbreak (Part 3) PS2 - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

.Hack: Outbreak (Part 3) PS2 - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



We have no cheats or codes for dot.hack: Outbreak (part 3) yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for dot.hack: Outbreak (part 3) yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Golden Axe And Silver Axe

Go to the weapons shop in root town Lambda - L, Cultural City Carmina Gadelica and buy one Spiral Edge for 700 GP. Each time you encounter a Spring Of Myst, throw in the Spiral Edge or any rare item then choose neither. Monsieur will tell you that "With a weapon of this level, there is nothing I can do". He will give you back the Spiral Edge plus one Golden Axe and one Silver Axe every time.

Defeating Gorre (phase 5)

Use Balmung and Blackrose. Make sure they both know Ola Repth and Rip Maen or better, and Kite Ol Repth or better. Have 30 Antidotes, Restoratives, Resurects, and Mages Souls; 20 Recovery Drinks and Artisans Souls; and 50 Healing Potions. Note: If you need money, go to dungeon 66 through 68 and find Rikumarus for Heavy Blade. It is a bad weapon ,but sells for 5,600 each. Each dungeon has about five of them. Gorre has two halves, You only need to Data Drain one. One half is physical tolerant and the other is magic tolerant. Go into the party commands screen and set the following: Union Battle, First Aid, and each one individually set a target. The target should be the magic tolerant one, so that attacks hurt it. When done, they will heal and attack. They will attack the same target (magic toleranct). Have Kite attack. Heal with items. Note: Items are quicker. When you Data Drain him, he will be stronger, but seldom attacks. It is recommended that you be at level 66.

High Level Servers

Input the first two keywords "Chosen, Hopeless" and any last keyword to get all high level servers, from levels 68 to 70. The enemies can get very tough and can overwhelm you on the field. You should go into the dungeon to fight. Also. if you fight on level 70 Lambda Server, you can get much easier opponents at very high experience and is an easy level for the first part of the game.

Field's Deed

At the Gott stature in the Dungeon of Siegma: Tested, Morphean, Alchemy you find an item called a Field's Deed. This Dungeon has a double suprise, the Field's Deed and a a powerful weapon for a Twin Blade called the vampire Blades. To find this deadly weapon check in a square room in the bottom level of the dungeon. Trade the Field's Deed to a Twin Blade named waffle for an extremely powerful weapon for a Heavy Blade called the Dreams of Yore. This Dungeon also has a lot of Data bugs and is a level 68 area.

Sora's Blades

In the beginning of the game if you look at the board, at the bottom it will say "Phantom", it will tell you a level. Make sure you are at least at level 61 to go. It is a level 70 level. At the bottom you will see Skieths wand, on it will be Sora(the very fast twin blade from the TV Series) he will talk, then give you sora's blades, the second strongest in the game.

Grunty Search

In dot hack 3 a new feature has been added "Grunty Search". While on a field use the gruty flute to call a grunty. Once on the grunty press "triangle". Each grunty takes you to a different thing, the list is as follows.

"Theata Server"    Noble Grunty finds food    Iron Grunty goes to dungeon    Poison Grunty finds enemy Portales    "Lambda Server"    Noble Grunty finds food    Bony Grunty goes to dungeon    Snakey Grunty finds enemy portales    "Segma Server"    Noble Grunty finds food    Aqua Grunty goes to dungeon    Milky Grunty finds enemy portales    Eggs are in the dungeons, so you find them on your own.   

Easy Level Up

Put in a random keyword until you find a significantly higher level than yours (use Kite only) and make sure what element it is. Once you reach the server, use Speed Scrolls, Warrior Bloods, etc., and items such as Burning Oil, Well Water, or magics to raise element damage. Use a Hermit Blood on Kite and raise his element damage with an item/magic (whichever element is needed). Encounter an enemy with the opposite element and you will do heavy damage. After you level up, bring your other characters to the stage. You will notice that they also grew in levels by a bit. Use the same strategy (if needed) and raise their level as well.

Hidden Features

On the DVD there are 3 hidden sections. The first step is to open the DATA part of the DVD. Then go to the selections and simply press the right button. You'll notice that the cursor disappears. Once you are here simply press the X button. There are three hiiden sections one for each section in the DATA section except for the DVD credits one.

Completion Bonus

Successfully complete the game to unlock the parody mode. Parody mode replaces the original text with joke dialogue. Note: This is only available in the Japanese version.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for dot.hack: Outbreak (part 3) yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for dot.hack: Outbreak (part 3) yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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