Harvest Moon DS Nintendo DS - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Harvest Moon DS Nintendo DS - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



We have no cheats or codes for Harvest Moon DS yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Unlock Shopping Network

To unlock the Shopping Network, order any items from Karen's Supermarket for 10 days straight. Doing this will rescue the Sprite who controls the Channel.

Unlock The Super Field

Unlock the second mine in the mines. Go to the 255th floor and take the sword. Then go near the waterfall's rocks and push the A button. It will unlock a secret field.

Love Bangle

To get the Love bangle you have to go to the Harvest Sprite Casino and get enough medals. It's awesome, I'll let you figure out what it does.


You will acquire this Sprite in the first scene with the Witch Princess.

Neptune (brown Team)

Available from the start.

Mercury (black Team)

In your first scene with Guts, Mercury will be found.


Press A next to your watering pond and he will appear.


Press A from the northern side of Van's orange crate at the end of the corridor on the second floor of the Inn.


Press A next to the fountain in Romana's courtyard.


Press A in front of the stove on the western side of the Inner Inn.


Press A in front of the Well and he will appear.


Try to leave the village by going east along the path to Mineral Town.


Cast your fishing rod into your watering hole.


Raise one person's FP to 100


Fill your watering can 10 times.


Buy 1 Drink at the Blue Bar.


On 8 Spring, walk east across the bridge towards Vesta's farm.


Buy the Basket from Karen's Supermarket and place an item in it.


Purchase an item from Karen's Supermarket for 10 days.


Eat 30 pieces of wild grass. (Hold item in your hands, then press the X button to eat it.)


Ship 1 Cabbage.


Pick up your animals 50 times without using the touch Glove. (Dog and Cat are included here but only you can do it only once each day for each animal.)

Mouton (yellow Team)

Use the Touch Glove 50 times to pet your Animals just some of the harvest sprites.

Mine Monsters

Destroy the monster in the last floor of any mine to get the next level unlocked.

Unlock Casino

To unlock the Casino you must rescue the following sprites:

Roller - On 8 Spring, walk towards Vesta's farm, crossing the bridge who runs the  Medal Exchange.     And any one of the following:     Press A in front of the well next to the Blue Bar for Hops who runs the Poker Table.     Press A in front of the stove to the left of the Inner Inn for Tep, who runs the  Blackjack Table.     Press A in front of the fountain in Romana's Courtyard for Jum, who runs the  Memory Game   Table.   
If you find all three, you can play all three games, but finding just one of the games will open the casino.


Fishing Rod

To get the fishing rod go to Galen's house on a Saturday between 11:00 and 1:00 without a tool equipped.

Easily Get Nami's Affection

For some odd reason, Nami LOVES dog balls. If you go to her apartment at the Inner Inn and give her a dog ball, her affection for you will gradually increase. The best part about this is that Thomas the Mayor will give you another dog ball the next day so you can do this every day. It increases her affection by either 300 or 500 points.


To see the mermaid you have to befriend Daryl first. Daryl really likes fish. One day after you befriend him, he will show her to you.

How To Finish The Mines

(Be SURE to have your audio on in your game before you do this) In the morning, the moment you wake up, go outside and teleport (buy this at the Casino) to the front of the cave at Carter's Dig. Enter the cave, but wait until Carter comes. He will then ask you to (the booklet says go AFTER the Mayor comes, but this is wrong, very wrong)break down a loose wall with your hammer. Once this is over, you will enter a 10-level mine. Ignore the mining until you reach the very bottom, this will waste your energy. On the first floor, equip your hoe. Hoe the ground and dig up black grass, or if you already have food, you don't have to do this. Walk around the room and there will be a hole to drop you down a level or two. If you can't find the hole, mine some of the rocks. If your audio becomes distorted, this is a large warning. Eat about 4 or 5 of the food you brought, and if you didn't bring any, how the ground to find some. Once you reach the bottom of the first cave a small chick will be waiting. You can defeat this in two shots of your how or hammer. Now you can mine. The next day, repeat going to the cave. Carter will have you open another tunnel. This tunnel is inhabited with flying bugs and deadly chickens. Now you must be quick. If there is a swarm of animals around you, don't bother with the food. Run around the room for the hole. Once in a while, you may want to mine a rock or two. That way you've accomplished something along with getting to a deeper floor.

How To Earn Lots Of Money

Find at least two harvest sprites from the fishing team. Buy 140 medals, which is seven days worth of fishing, and go to the casino where the person who books harvest sprites to help you is. Book the fishing team for seven days at the ocean in the summer. By the time they are done you will most likely have 100,000,000 grams.

How To Win The Witch Princess' Affection!!

The Witch Princess lives in the litte 'shed' with the blue roof, by Romana's House. It's in the upper left hand corner on the map. Visit her any time during the day, the door is always unlocked, except for when there is an event that day. The Witch Princess likes any type of grass or mushroom. Red grass (appear in spring or fall) and Toadstool S (appear in fall) gives you 500 Affection points each (one per day or you just get 2-3 friendship points) and 5 Friendship points (you can tell that when you have a Love Bangle), unfortunatly for the heart to change colors the friendship level has to be at 255 and the affection level has to go up 10,000 points. Any other grasses will get you 300 affection points and 2 friendship points. Also you can work till you pass out and you will get 200 affection points. Also you can raise chickens outside (they will generaly be happy) and keep some inside untill they die, which will give you 100-200 affection points. however each time an animal Takakura will tell you that you need to care for your animals better, which gets annoying after a while. DO NOT litter because she will like you less, although she does give you a present. The Witch Princess also DOES NOT like jewelery or anything from the minds.

Harvest Sprite Station 5

To get the harvest sprite station 5, (record player) all you have to do is when you start your game, go to the inn south of your house. Go up the stairs to your right and go north through the arch. Go to the left and press (A) button at the top facing down at the box with the fruit on it. Now you have the sprite, Jet, who wears a multi colored cap and oarnge vest with black glasses. Talk to him and buy the first 5 records, total of 500 gold. You will then get the harvest sprite channle 5.


The only ore you can find in the first level of mines is junk (wich is worthless), copper, silver, gold, and mytrile.

Upgrading Tools

To upgrade tools you must first have enough experience. Then go in the first level mine and find the ore that matches the experience of the tool you want to upgrade. Then go to the blacksmithand show him the tool and ore. He will then charge you and take the correct ore. He will then take the tool for a few days. When he brings it back it will be upgraded.

Harvest Sprite Gifts

Most harvest sprites like weeds as gifts. This is the best gift because weeds are everywhere.

More People

To get more people in your town put in Friends of Mineral Town you will then get more people. You can even marry them but then your game will end.

Bonus Ranch Product

This can be used of any animal, including the horse, that can be brushed. You need to have the clippers or milker in the item slot next to the equipped tool slot. Brush the animal until you get the level up bubble. Push the back button and change the brush with the milker or clippers using the stylus. Note: you can't use the advance button control because it takes to long to switch tools. You will receive a leveled up product of wool or milk but you will not always get a leveled up version of wool or milk. If your milker is at level 99, you will get 100 bottles of upgraded milk. If you save before you do this trick, you can start over if your not quick enough to get the bonus product. Note: You can still milk your cows and clip the sheep if they need to be clipped.

Harvest Team Member

To get a harvest team member, ship around 1000 items. The fastest way to do this is by shipping weeds.

How To Get Jet

To get Jet go to the Inn and find the tangerine box then push A on the side of it you will then get Jet. Jet sells things next to Guts like records, tickets, harvest moon cards, and other special items.


Buy records from Jet. If you buy them all you will get Jupiter who is in charge of chanel 5.


Get rucksacks 2 and 3 from the supermarket.

Harvest Sprites

Push A by the pond next to the stable to get one of the watering team's members.

Level One Mine

To get the level one mine go to mines at 7:00.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Harvest Moon DS yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Harvest Moon DS yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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