Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town GBA - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town GBA - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



We have no cheats or codes for Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Elli B-day

Spring 16

Easy Way To Go Down The Mines

You're going to need a hoe a hammer and a LOT of patience. First make sure you have the right tools (hoe hammer). Now your going to need to save right in front of the mine entrance. Once saved enter mine find the stairs and remember where their at. Now press star and load your game you should be back at the entrance. Now go back in dig up stairs and SAVE THE GAME. Repeat the process as long as you want :D hope I was helpful.

Elli's Flowers

Elli likes all flowers, but she doesn't like the yellow ones as much as the others! She also likes a lot of other things, but flowers are free.

Gettin' To Fish

At 11:00 go to Zach's house (at the beach) with an open space for another tool and he will say he doesn't want his rod so you can get it.

Horse Racing

When you are horse racing, after reading the rules, just keep on pressing the A button even though your horse will get a big red heart you will still win.

Mary's Love

Mary likes mushrooms, birthday Winter 20.

Ann's Love

She likes cooked eggs, birthday Summer 17.

Popuri Hints

She likes things from your animals (eggs, milk, wool) and chocolate. The higher quality the egg, milk, or wool is, she'll like you more. Give her lots of wrapped gifts on the third day of summer, that's her birthday! If you give her at least three wrapped gifts everyday, she should be on her red heart before the end of the first year!

Sea Side Cabin

This is easy to get. All you have to do is get 42 connectivity stars from the Harvest Goddess (this can be done by linking Friends of Mineral Town with a Wounderful Life). (Before I foget, this may take a while).

Cliff Stays

When Doug comes to your house to ask you to help him with the grapes and tells you that they need another person. Go find Cliff (probably in the church) talk to him and tell him about the part time job.

Popuri's Affection

Popuri loves chocolate and her birthday is summer 3rd.


Use your level 6, cursed fishing rod and go to mineral beach. You can fish pirate treasure wich you can sell for 10,000.

Winter Mine

In winter head towards the lake near Mother's Hill and the river will be frozen. You could walk across the river and there will be a diffrent mine that has jewls and diamonds. The name of the mine is the lake mine. It is on your world map!

Cooking Tips

Every Saturday at 1:00p.m. go to Anna's house and she will teach you a recipe.

Ellie's Affection

Ellie loves flowers, any kind. and if you visit the doctor and have a check-up daily, she will like you more.

Easy Money In Spring

In spring, go through the exit at the botton of your farm, turn left, dont go to the mine, turn left again and you will find 3 bamboo shoots. Sell'em and get 750g.

The Harvest Sprite Birthdays

If you give gifts to a harvest sprite, they will begin to like you. If they like you alot then they will help you on your farm, like harvesting, caring for the animals and watering! Wraping a gift for a H. Sprite makes a BIG difference in your relationship.

Chef, Red: Fall 14  Hoggy, yellow: Fall 10  Timid, Green: Summer 16  Staid, Blue: Spring 15  Bold, Purple: Spring 4  Aqua, Aquamarine: Spring 26  
Next time I'll do the extra birthdays, of the towns folk! See you then! And good luck on your game!

Jewel Of Truth Locations

In your dog house.  In your horse's stable (water tank).  Exchange 1,000 medals at the horse races.  Buy one from Won for 50,000 G.  Check a lamppost between the Church and the Town Square.  Mary's library, second floor, farthest one to the right.  New Year's game show on the TV inside your Town Cottage.  Calendar in your Mountain Cottage.  Take 8 of them to Thomas' house and check the refrigerator.  

Harvest Sprites Affection Cheaper

Give them flour instead of bread. The flour is 50% less than bread. [Note that you only have to give them 24 breads or flours so they can work for you. Giving them more is up to you.]

Mountain Cottage

Stay married for 50 happy years and your wife will decide to get you a Cottage on Mother's Hill.

Rare Power Berry

During any season except winter, throw 2 cucumbers in the lake near the mountain. A Kappa will appear and ask to be left alone. For the next 10 days go to the lake and drop one cucumber each day. On the tenth day, Kappa will give you a Blue Power Berry that will double the amount of fatigue that you can take.

Karen's Affection

Give her lots of wine. When she gives you a bottle of wine, save it, and wrap it and give it to her on her birthday (Fall 15).

Best Crops

Spring: Turnips (Supermarket)  Summer: Pineapples (Zack's house)  Autumn: Sweet Potatoes (Supermarket)  Winter: Nothing (but you can fish)  

Easy Money In Summer

To gain at least 1,000 gold every day in summer, you don't have to grow crops or harm your stamina mining. Just collect grasses. Each grass pays at least 100 gold. collect three in three different places(the hot springs, by the lake mine, the woods by the wood cutter's house, and the beach). do this daily and collect 1,000 gold a day. This hint best works in the summer for there are more grasses grown in that time.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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