How Does Online Black Market Work

How Does Online Black Market Work

91 - The internet is no stranger to crime. From counterfeit and stolen products to illegal drugs, stolen identities, and weapons, almost anything can be purchased online with a few clicks of the mouse. The online black market is not only accessible to anyone with an Internet connection, but the entire process of ordering illegal goods and services is very easy and anonymous, with multiple markets to buy or sell whatever you want.

Understanding how the market is developing - unregulated and untraceable - can give you a better sense of the threat (or resource) affecting you and your business.

In our scenario, we would legally transfer USD 1,000 from a regular bank account and into a binary code math system, and then enter an Internet environment mostly used by criminals. This hidden world allows anyone to purchase large volumes of stolen credit card downloads, as well as credit card writers, blank cards, multiple fake identities "on stage" - and maybe even the grenade launchers they already have.

The journey to the dark side of the Internet begins with two open-source programs: Bitcoin and Tor Bundle.

Transfer of Money

Bitcoin ( is a system tool that will act as a private bank for storing and investing digital currency on your computer. Once installed on your system, it will be empty like a piggy bank, waiting to be filled with untraceable digital cash.

Filling up is the hard part.

The online digital monetary system is mostly operated by the likes of Paypal, Western Union, and banking companies that try to follow government regulations to prevent fraud and money laundering. There are two steps to making money legally and converting it from the current Bitcoin exchange rate to BTC at our digital and anonymous bank.

Get started by opening a free Dwolla banking account ( You can use your real information - you are not doing anything illegal. In about three days you will be given a fraud test and will have to identify small transfers at Dwolla and your bank account. Once your account is confirmed, send the amount from your bank to Dwolla from a lump sum or the estimated purchase price you have in mind. After you confirm the transfer, your valid money will now be deposited in the new global bank with fewer restrictions than US banks.

Next, you need to set up an account with the largest bitcoin exchanger, MtGox. Due to fraud concerns, MtGox will only allow transfers from banks such as Dwolla.

Once your Dwolla transfer has moved to MtGox, you can use that money to buy Bitcoin on the open market for a small fee based on a percentage. Once this sale is complete, your bitcoins are best stored in your bank account that is digitally located on your computer.

The entire process can be completed in less than a week, and USD 1,000 is now exchanged for $ 191 BTC. Now you are ready to shop at the black market.

Searching for a Market

The conversion of dollars to Bitcoin is legal and relatively safe. Getting involved in shopping on the black market connects you with various kinds of illegal activities. We will continue with our steps but we do NOT support this activity. This information can help security professionals understand how stolen identities and credit cards are used, how products are fenced off or distributed illegally, and more.

Anyone involved in black market activity wants to remain anonymous. So the next step in shopping on the black market is to download and open the Tor Bundle Package (

We've touched Tor two or three times to protect your identity online, but Tor includes other functions. Developed by the US Navy for classified communications and now used to circumvent blocked websites at offices around the country and to inspire Arab Springs, TOR has a darker cousin: the Hidden Tor Server.

The same random spider web routing of Internet traffic that hides end-use IP and location from prying eyes can hide server location too.

Hidden Tor Servers are now the norm for storing, accessing, and hiding illicit activities such as child pornography. The level of protection provided by Tor makes the job of law enforcement tracking such activity nearly impossible. (Interestingly, the hacker group Anonymous has recently brought attention to malicious servers by controlling them as DDOS servers against some of their targets, including law enforcement and government groups. If the CIA is hit with a DDOS attack, the agency suffers, but also, in investigating the source. attacks, discovering child pornography, and hopefully breaking the ring of pornography Hidden Tor servers are also home to a lot of black market activity.

Where do people find the "black market"? What does it look like? Of course, a Google search answers these questions with ease. Using your Tor browser (which is, yes, much slower than standard browsers) search for "Tor Directory". This website offers a collection of Tor hidden web pages for all types of storefronts. Here you will find websites that are similar to Yahoo's early days, categorizing storefronts including Drugs, Guns, and other illegal goods and activities. If the directory (or store) is registered with the .com domain or the .org domain standard, it will open in your standard browser, if it ends in .onion then it means the hidden server can only be seen in the Tor browser.

One example is the Nobody @ Zerodays website (, which offers reviews and direct links to the current Hidden Tor site. In our scenario, we will examine Black Market Reloaded and look up the current prices of several credit cards and tools.

Using Tor, you can quickly jump to the Black Market Reloaded website, sign up (no real information required), and start shopping. Like on Amazon, sellers showcase their products with details, images, and prices, including feedback, gathered from previous buyers. On any given day in April, current prices for bulk credit cards run at $ 6.5 BTC with seller feedback. One seller advertises:

"All of our Products come with Complete Information. That means All necessary information such as card, security code number, expiration date, name, address, city, state, zip code, country, telephone, SSN, DOB, security questions, etc. Is given, Also Track 1 + 2 data and PIN. All CCs are checked and have a minimum Balance of 1000¬ / $, and most of them are from EU Countries. We also have US Cards, but it is easier to withdraw money at an ATM ( / buy virtual money online / link CC to PayPal) with European ones. "

"Credit card reader/writer, HiCo / LoCo, all ISO complete" will go up to 76.60350 BTC (or USD 366.63 at the time of our exchange) and there are also some unlisted pistols, including the new Tactical M9 pistol with an illegal silencer, of course, not listed, for 225.00000 BTC or USD 1,076.87.

Anyone who makes these purchases via bitcoin anonymously will leave no trace of the transaction. All users can send data via the Hidden Tor email server, or send physical goods such as drugs and weapons with the US Postal Service to prevent any searches without a warrant. When shipments arrive from within the US, illegal goods tend to arrive in proper mailboxes without incident. For those who want an additional layer of protection - say if goods are shipped from outside the US - many people on the "Services" section of this site will buy and/or receive goods on your behalf using their bitcoin and address, and then ship the goods to you, with little cost.

(Also, some users of these sites will offer to sell you bitcoins via Paypal so that you can skip the two banking steps above and buy your stuff right away, of course, there is no guarantee that you will receive your bitcoins after handing over the cash. you.)

Tor's Hidden Server provides real insight into an underground world that was once confined to dark passages, shaded areas, and dangerous criminals. Just as the Internet has expanded our e-commerce into a borderless global market, bitcoin and Tor have made shopping for illicit goods and services almost as easy as ordering iTunes songs on your computer.

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As a reminder, most of the purchases described here are illegal and/or dangerous. While it is very difficult to identify the people involved without additional intel, law enforcement personnel and company investigators can use this process to monitor the flow of stolen, counterfeit, or diverted goods.

If these transactions are executed on your corporate network, that activity could expose your organization to legal risks and other risks. While network logs won't show the Tor website, software auditing for programs like TOR, actual network traffic sniffing, computer monitoring, and computer forensics can show employers who are using the TOR site and what they're doing.

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