How to get a cool Free Fire name using symbols

How to get a cool Free Fire name using symbols


Free Fire players are very careful with their nicknames. Many players often try to make it more stylish and unique by including rare symbols.

Players can choose a name as soon as they log in for the first time. However, even if they don't select it, they can always change it later. But if the player wants to change their name later in the game, they have to spend Diamonds (in-game money). 390 Diamonds will be cut when they confirm their new name.

How to get stylish Free Fire names using symbols

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The Android and iOS keyboards don't offer many unique symbols. To make their name more stylish, players can always visit sites such as,, etc. to customize their nickname or for some name recommendations.


There are many symbols that players can access at They can decorate their name using symbols of their choice. If they want a good recommendation from a website that includes a fancy symbol, they enter a name and choose one of the options below.

Once the players have found an appropriate name, they can copy it by clicking on the name and then go to Free Fire to paste the name. Players then have to make the necessary payment.

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