How to Play 1v1 Matches on Call Of Duty Mobile

How to Play 1v1 Matches on Call Of Duty Mobile


Call of Duty mobile has come a long way since its inception, showing off several popular game modes. One of these modes is the Duel 1v1 game mode, launched in Season 6. This mode is exclusive to the Saloon map, the smallest COD Mobile map ever designed. However, 1v1 mode was removed from Call of Duty Mobile after some time, making it difficult for players to enjoy 1v1 matches.

Fortunately, players can still enjoy 1v1 matches on Call of Duty Mobile through private rooms in almost all Multiplayer maps. However, we recommend that you play 1v1 matches on small COD Mobile maps like Reclaim, Shipment 1944, Cage, Killhouse, and Rust.

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Play 1v1 Matches on Call Of Duty Mobile

Follow these basic steps to play 1v1 matches on Call of Duty Mobile:

Note: The methods discussed in this article allow you to play special 1v1 multiplayer matches. In contrast, 1v1 Duel mode is a different game mode, previously available in private rooms and vice versa.

  1. Launch COD Mobile and tap on the multiplayer option.

    Select the multiplayer option

  2. Click on the hamburger icon “≡” on the top right corner of your screen.

    Tap on the triple line option

  3. Choose “PRIVATE” from the list.

    choose the option private

  4. Select your desired game mode and map. Then, invite one of your friends to play a 1v1 match.

    Select the game mode and click on start

After the player joins the room, press 'Start' to play a 1v1 match on Call of Duty Mobile. Of course, creating a custom room in COD Mobile to enjoy 1v1 duels takes a long time. However, if you want to compete with one of your friends to find out who is the better player, the effort is well worth it.

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