How to Tame a Raptor in Fortnite Season 6

How to Tame a Raptor in Fortnite Season 6


Fortnite Season 6 finally features the Raptors and the best part is, players can tame them.

A lot of new developments have taken place in Fortnite Season 6, and the story alone is bizarre and very entertaining. However, the Season 6 hype is also the fact that players can tame some wild animals now. It started with Boars and Wolves, and now the ability to tame raptors is just as exciting.

However, the Raptors are very strong and difficult to tame. So, below are the best ways to tame raptors in Fortnite Season 6.

Tame a Raptor in Fortnite

Unlike other wild animals in Fortnite, birds of prey do not appear to have a single specific place where they lay their eggs. Even though players can find their broken eggs scattered over certain areas of the map, it still hasn't determined where the raptors will be. Raptors roam in groups and roam freely, meaning they are everywhere.

As such, it seems that the best areas to find raptors are near the Spire Tower, Bony burbs, and Weeping Woods. Getting to this area is almost a surefire way to find it, and players should be able to hear their calls.

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Speaking of taming a Raptor in Fortnite, it's like taming a wolf. The best way to do this is to put on a Hunter Cloak and sneak up on the raptor and tame him. The thing is, raptors are much stronger and faster than wolves or other animals in the game. So, using Hunter's Cloak is the best option. As a reminder, all players need to make one is two bones and one slice of animal flesh.

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Otherwise, if a player tries to tame a raptor by feeding it, the meat will be eliminated by the raptor. They roam in groups, so they likely won't be alone when found. Making it difficult even to try to tame it with meat, the Hunter Cloak would hide the player, making it easier.

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