How to unlock a nuke in Call Of Duty Mobile

How to unlock a nuke in Call Of Duty Mobile


Call Of Duty Mobile has many features inspired by the Call of Duty video game franchise, making it one of the most exciting games on smartphones. It has multiplayer and battle royale modes, and players can select both.

One of the features inspired by the video game franchise that has been incorporated in Call Of Duty Mobile is dropping a nuke or nuclear bomb. Nuclear bombs, also known as tactical nukes, are a kill streak in Call Of Duty Mobile. With a nuclear bomb, players can finish off opponents in seconds.

The nukes on the Call Of Duty Mobile multiplayer map are hard to come by, but once a player gets them, the player can rampage all over the map, exploiting enemies.

Although the concept of using nuclear is pretty straightforward to most players, some people find it difficult to get nuke early in the game. This article is a beginner’s guide to unlocking the nuclear bomb in Call Of Duty Mobile.

How to unlock a nuke in Call Of Duty Mobile

There are two prerequisites for getting a nuclear bomb in a game. First, players must have an XP level of 20 or higher in Call Of Duty Mobile, which is not difficult. Second, the player must have a 20-kill streak to use the nuclear option in the multiplayer map.

Here are steps to get nukes easily in the multiplayer map in Call Of Duty Mobile:

  • Users have to run COD Mobile on their devices.
  • They can go to the multiplayer mode and select any of the random core maps available.
  • They can then head to the loadout section and opt for the most lethal and viable weapon in the armory.

The PDW-57

The PDW-57
  • It is recommended that users opt for an SMG (PDW-57) or high-tier guns.
  • They can attach suitable equipment and optics in the loadout and equip perks like Agile, Vulture, and Hardline.
  • Players can then tap on the start option and begin the game.

call of duty mobile nuclear bomb

  • After the player accomplishes the 20-kill streak in the game, an option will pop up in the middle of the screen: Use Nuclear Bomb.

call of duty mobile nuke bomb

  • They can tap on it to use the nuke bombs and destroy opponents.

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It’s tiring and hard to get nuke features in COD Mobile. Therefore, players need to stay calm and get a safe game strategy to get 20 kills in a row without dying.

Although getting nuke is a pretty tough job, hopefully, players, especially beginners, now have a better idea of ​​getting hold of them in-game.

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