How to use a controller in Call Of Duty Mobile?

How to use a controller in Call Of Duty Mobile?


Call Of Duty Mobile is one of the best mobile games that players across the world enjoy. This game has Multiplayer mode and Battle Royale modes. But the Multiplayer mode is further divided into other exciting modes. To maximize player potential in these modes, one has to be an expert with the controller.

Gamers often choose to use controllers to play shooter games on their phones because of their ease and convenience. Luckily, Call Of Duty Mobile supports the use of controllers. But there is a catch.

Players can only use DUALSHOCK®4 PlayStation® 4 and official Xbox One controllers in this game. All PS4 controllers are allowed except the first generation.

It is very important that players successfully connect their controllers to the phone. For those who are confused, you can follow the information below.

Please note that this article is for beginners. While these steps may seem obvious to some, new players often look for tips and tricks to grow their skills.

How to use a controller in COD Mobile: Step by step guide

1. Head over to the Controllers option in COD Mobile. In the Settings, click the ‘Allow to use controller’ button.

Controllers option in Call Of Duty Mobile

2. Make sure the controller and phone's Bluetooth are turned on.

3. Pair the controller from the list of options on the phone.

Note: If the player has connected the controller with their phone before, they don't need to pair the device again.

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