Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland GBA - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland GBA - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



We have no cheats or codes for Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Using Ball

Some people say the Ball ability is useless and stupid. But some people who are smart enough press the start button and find some info about it. Like it says, change form and hold the A button. You will start to bounce faster. Using it on mini-bosses will be easier. It only takes about a few seconds to defeat enemies. But while bouncing you still can get hurt.

Simple Way To Beat Any Mini-Boss

To beat any mini-boss simply is by getting the Crash power up and using it on any boss. Then get one thing a boss shoots out to hit him and finish him off.

Unlock Extra Mode

To unlock Extra mode, get 100% on normal. In Extra mode everything is the same except you only have 3 health units.

Unlock Metaknightmare

To unlock Metaknightmare you have to get 100% on both Normal and Extra Mode. On Metaknightmare you can play as Metaknight. But you can't save! This will take you at least 1 hour to beat it. You can play Metaknightmare as a sub-game

Easily Defeat The Second Nightmare

The trick to beating the second Nightmare is when he shows his tornado, the weak spot, instead af going to it and jumping to hit it, stand from a distance, jump, and press 'B'. A star will go flying, will hit him (if you have good aim), and will take away 1/6 of his life!

Easily Defeat The First Nightmare

The first Nightmare is a big, purple and black ball. All of his attacks are easy to dodge exept the one where he takey four stars and launches tham at you. They either go strait or criss- cross! If you stay in the middle of the very left (right where the edge of the screen is), he cannot hit you with that attack no matter what! Remember to constantly use your star rod!

Easily Defeat Mecha Mole

Mecha Mole is the boss on level 5 and seems really hard. If you go into the battle with Hammer, he's a breeze. Just keep hitting him with it and he'll soon be defeated! (Note that the Hammer also breaks the platfoms if you miss him.)

Easily Defeat Kracko

Kracko is the clous on level 4, and a lot of people think that you HAVE to use high jump, or you'll get hit before you start battling. Not true. Go into the battle with tornado, and use it to go to the top. You'll get there in half the time, and you'll beat him quite easily.

Easily Beat The Painter

The Painter is the second boss and isn't too hard, but if you go into the battle with Hammer, you can beat him in 20 seconds. When he stops and starts to draw something on one of the paint boards, go right next to him and use the Hammer rapedidly until the drawing is complete, then dodge his attack. Repeat the steps until he is defeated!

Easily Beat King DeDeDe

King DeDeDe is the seventh boss, and can easily kill you if a few hits. However, if you get laser before you battle him, you can rapidly shoot him from a distance and easliy dodge all his attacks!

Easily Beat Mr. Sun And Mr. Moon

Mr. Sun and Mr. Moon are two bosses you have to battle at once, so it can be tricky. But, if you have either fire or ice, go to the one on the ground and keep hitting it. Each one should die in 5 seconds.

Easily Beat Meta-Knight

Meta-Knight is one of the hardest bosses in the game, but there is a trick so you can beat him without getting hit! (This is extremely helpful in Extra Mode.) When you go battle Meta-Knight, grab the sword and run to the far left, then hit Meta-Knight when he lands. Then, quickly fly to the top of the screen. Meta-Knight will become confused, and will do an attack. Then, after his attack, stop flying and hit him. Repeat the proccess until he is defeated!

Easily Beat Whispy Woods

Whispy Woods is the EASIEST boss in the game, but a REALLY easy way to beat him is to use either Spike or Freeze, go right next to him, and hold 'B'. The battle should be over in 5 seconds or less.

New Levels And Mini Games

Complete the normal mode with 100% and you get Extra mode. In Extra mode you only get three hits.And a new mini game, Boss endurence, where you go aginst all the bosses(not all at once of course). After Extra mode you get another mini game, Meta Knight Mode, where you play as Meta Knight. If you beat Extra mode, then that's pretty much it.

Kirby Power-ups

Here is a list of copy abilities that Kirby can use.    Sword-While in air press B to make Kirby spin in a ball with his sword.    Wheel-Press LEFT or RIGHT while in wheel "mode" to change the directions of Kirby.    Fire-Hold the B button to keep spitting fire. This is a great power-up to use against bosses.    Throw-Hold B and press LEFT or RIGHT to throw the enemy in that direction.    Backdrop-This is the same as Throw but you can also press UP and DOWN to do a body-slam or throw the enemy straight up.    Stone-While in boss battles you can stay in the "rock" formation to stay safe, that's pretty much all this power-up is good for.    Cutter-Ha!Ha!Ha!This power-up is simalar to the cutter ability in Kirby64 The Crystal Shards. You can use this powre-up to hit enemys far away.    Parosal-Who do you think you are, some old lady on a hot day?No, but who cares, the enemys don't. All they have stuck in their brain is "Attack!" or "Aaaah!" This power-up is a little wierd but it is useful when you are falling and just any ol' fight.    Beam-Yeah!This copy ability is very powerful. Kirby shoots a giant beam out of his hand to kill any enemy in range or to completly destroy bosses.    UFO-What was that?A UFO of course. With this copy ability you can use 4 different attacks. It just depends on how long you hold the B button.    Burning-Ooh!Ow!Ouch!I'm on fire!And I look like a comet! This power-up can be useful when you are surrounded by a ton of enemys.    Ice-This is the same as fire, but the enemys freeze into ice cubes. This is good for hard boss battles you just can't beat.    Freeze-I don't have much to sayabout this power-up , but that it is the same as ice accept Kirby shoots ice crystals in all directions.    Ball-This power-up is totaly useless. All you do is turn into a ball and take massive damage. My advice to you is don't use this copy ability.    Crash-Two words:Big Bang!    Mike-This is the same as  crash accept you can use it three times instead of one.    Tornado-If you hold B Kirby will start to elevate at high altitudes.  

MIni Boss Stratgey And Power Ups

The first mini boss which is the one who throws bombs. Just inhale all the bombs and throw them back. If you absorb him you get the power up CRASH. The next mini boss the next boss is Mr.Tick-Tock. Just absorb all is music notes and spit them out. He wont shoot notes unless you are touching the ground. If you absorb him you get the power up MIKE. The next mini boss is the walrus frezee guy. Absorb the ice cubes and shoot them back. If you absorb him you get FREEZE. The next boss is the hammer guy. Absorb either the cocunuts or the stars whn he tries to hit you with his hammer. Absorb him and you get HAMMER. The next boss is the elephant. Absorb his apples and shoot them back. If you absorb him you get THROW. The next mini boss is Bugsy. Absorb the ladybugs and shoot them back. If you absorb him you get BACKDROP. The next boss is the burning lion suck up his stars when he tries to jump on you. Absorb him and get BURNING

Boss ENDURANCE!!!!!!!!!!!

When trying to beat boss endurance there are powers in the attacks some of the bosses make. Here is some of them - Spark, wheel, mike, fire, cutter, hi-jump, sleep, hammer, and sword. There are no powers for woody and King Dedede.

Beat Woody

Use cutter kirby and shoot boomerangs while jumping in the air and don't let the boomerangs come back to you or use fire kirby and flame him.

Easy Boss Win

Here is an easy way to beat King DeDe. Go to level 7 and go to the first stage. Get the Laser power up and then leave the level. Go the Boss and kepp firing at him it will be a lot easier then with any other power ups.

Random Power

If you inhale two enemies with special powers, both different, you get a random power*! *Note: this only works if you inhale Enemies not an enemie and a discarded power*

Sucking Up Enemies And Swallowing Them

To suck up enemies, press the B button. To swallow enemies, press Down on the control pad. Sometimes you can swallow enemies and get special powers. Kirby can get many powers, so swallow a lot of enemies.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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