Kirby: Squeak Squad Nintendo DS - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Kirby: Squeak Squad Nintendo DS - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg




In the middle of the level press start and hold left and right trigger then press A, B, Y, X, B, Y. If you did it correctly you will hear a note.


Ghost Kirby

To get Ghost Kirby you must get all of the treasure chests and go to the secret land and there will be a ghost item bubble.

Time Attack Mode

To unlock Time Attack mode you must collect all 120 chests throughout the game

Magician Kirby

If you want Kirby to be a magician you have to collect all the treasure chests and go to the secret land there should be a hat there, grab it, eat it, and Kirby will be able to throw birds and cards.

Ice Sword

Mix sword and ice

Thunder Sword

Mix spark and sword

Flame Sword

Mix fire and sword

Ice Bomb

Mix ice and bomb

Spark Bomb

Mix spark and bomb

Fire/Ice/spark Sword

First you have to get all the treasure chests (or just get the sword ability sword). Next get sword and spark/fire/ice in your stomach. When you mix the sword ability and spark/fire/ice you get a new kind of sword!


New Sub Game

After you beat the game go to the start menu and select Sub Games you will see there are four games instead of three. The new game is called Boss Endurance.

Ice, Fire, And Lightning Sword

Its quite simple to get these swords. Get a sword bubble and fire, lightning or ice bubble. For example mix the fire and sword together and you have the flaming sword power. You will always get the fire sword when you mix fire and sword. You will always get lightning sword for mixing lightning and sword bubbles. Also the same with ice you will always get an ice sword for combining the two bubbles.

Hidden U.F.O Power-up

At the stage Crushy Cloud(third stage)go to the fourth level after you get to the warp star after you ride the warp star you're at the part of the level with the throwing enemy. When you get to the door, make sure that you have fire kirby and keep burning the clouds to the right. Keep burning them and you will come across a small compartment and in that compartment you will find a U.F.O power-up in a bubble.

Spark Bomb

First get all treasure chests (or the bomb ability scroll). Then get spark and bomb in your stomach at the same time than mix them together to make a new kind of bomb! NOTE: You are also able to mix ice and bomb together to make ice bomb.

Extra Bubble Power

When you are mixing bubbles, keep making them touch over and over until its all colorful like. Then instead of what it usually is, it will be different. I did this a lot and I got some good powers like "Magic."

How To Get The Ice Power

This is how to find a enemy that has the Ice power. Here's all you do. Just swallow a enemy that spits out ice.

Become A Ninja Kirby

First play Kirby then when you see a ninja eat him then you will become Ninja Kirby.

Only Bubble Items!

When you exit a level with a treasure chest don't expect to get the same items again! After you get the treasure chest once it will darken if you play the level again. Be sure to pick it up though! 2nd+ times you get a treasure chest it will be bubble items. They can help you defeat hard villans. But, you can only keep five bubble items at one time!

How To Dig

Swallow a fox

How To Get Fire

Swallow a thing that spits out fire

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Kirby: Squeak Squad yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Kirby: Squeak Squad yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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