Lunar 2: Eternal Blue PS1 - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Lunar 2: Eternal Blue PS1 - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



We have no cheats or codes for Lunar 2: Eternal Blue yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Lunar 2: Eternal Blue yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Make Lemina More Useful In Battle With Zophar

Lemina is the only character that have the most MP among all the playable character(except Lucia) in Lunar 2, so before you begin encounter Zophar, make sure Lemina equipped with Whita Dragon Crest in case to use the White Dragon Protect(consume 50MP), and make sure that you have at least 6 Silver Light and lots of Star Light(i had 20), then start the battle with Zophar, in 1st form, it must be easy to defeat him, but in 2nd form, be reallllly careful, he can eliminated your party with ONE HIT. so use Lemina's Power Drive at 1st turn to Hiro, and use the White Dragon Protect(every turn), and keep your party SEPARATED, don't make your party close one another ok? keep Lemina's MP high, Jean with Dopple Dance and Blue Dragon Palm, Leo with Earth Prayer continue with Flash Blade, Ronfar keep Healing and use item, Hiro with Triple Sword (every turn, unless he doesn't have enough MP). Good luck!

Plantella Strategy

When you 1st meet the caravan, everyone gets kidnapped by vines. After that scene, go to the shop and get some healing items like herbs and use Althena's Statue to the East. Next, talk to one of the "lucky" people who gives you a rope ladder, use it by going to the north end of the ditch and press X to do so. Now go in. There might be some fiends beat them, BUT don't use any MP unless you have a Star Light. Go in to the exit you eventually find. Then restore everything you used like MP & HP. You'll see Plantella. Hiro should use Poe Sword only unless he gets under 15 MP, use Boomerang and the Star Light. Ronfar should use Anger Dice, or the healing Litanies as needed. Jean should use magic, but they won't do anything but more damage than her normal attack, if she's out of MP, just attack or make her use healing or reviving items since she does the least damage. (once you get Lemina way later in the game, you'll think "Why the heck didn't I have her then?" because of her magic)

Zophar's Ultimate Attack= SUPER DAMAGE!!

When fighting Zophar in his 2nd form, if you destroy the hands that use Lucia's magic and the hand that heals and steals HP and MP, then you could be in fatal danger. If Zophar's head crystal is shining white, he has snake eyes, and if his mouth is opening and closing, he is preparing to do his ultimate attack. When he laughs and the background is slightly darkened, he will do around 5000-8000 damage with that attack!! A word of advice, revive that person IMMEDIATELY after he dies wih a Miracle Litany. Good luck!

Gwyn's Technic

Gwyns technics, since he is only used in the very beginning, he only has 4:

Heal Litany 4mp:Restores hp to one ally  Calm Litany 12mp:Restores hp to all allies  Fractured Armor 6mp:Decreases one enemys defense  Shattered Sword 6mp:Decreases one enemys attack  

Hiros Technics

Hiro's technics are learned through lots of fights i dont remeber what level he learns them at as soon as i find them all i'll let you know Boomerang 3mp:hiro throws his boomerang to deliver a decent amount of damage although it is soon outdated he starts with this Squall 7mp:A cyclone comes down and damages the enemy Temptest 14mp:A more powerful version of Squall Vortex 10mp:All enemies hit with this doesnt morph from Temptest this is a new set Super Cyclone 20mp:a more powerful version of Vortex Speed Storm 8mp:Hiro increases his own agility Poe Sword 6mp:you will use this a lot in the game Sybillium Sword 10mp:Hiro hits his enemy with another wind attack Batallion Sword 14mp:This is a fire attack it only hits enemies in a straight line or if they are close together very useful Concussion Sword 20mp: This is a strange attack if you select it and the enemy is yellow then they will die if it is red no damage is inflicted very useful in the starlight forest but you wont have it until the second time through Triple Sword 30mp:The strongest sword attack extremely useful against bosses

The Blue Spires Guardian

After Lucia gets drained by Zophar the Gaurdians Awaken And you have to fight one the Gaurdian has 550 H.P. so Have Gwyn cast Fractured Armor so you hit it harder and have Gwyn use Shattered Sword once the Gaurdian raises its attack and defense Lucia will circle around the back of the screen trying to get away from the Gaurdian Hiro should use Poe sword the whole fight so that he hits as strongly as possible. The Gaurdian has 3attacks1. When the Gaurdian is flashing and streching its chain it is going to raise its attack and defense simultaneosly 2. When the Gaurdian is standing and breathing slowly hes going to smash one character with his mace 3. When the Gaurdian is swingin his ball and chain over his head he will hit one character so hard the impact will hit the others 4

Blue Spire

While in the blue spire after getting Lucia spend some time building up levels to at least 13 so Gwyn gets his Fractured Armor technic.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Lunar 2: Eternal Blue yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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