Mario & Luigi: Bowsers Inside Story Nintendo DS - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Mario & Luigi: Bowsers Inside Story Nintendo DS - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



Get Magic Window

To get magic window find a underground room in bowser castle with a circle button a square button and a triangle button. There will be a sign that sais o is one less then square, and triangle is one more then square. It means (circle, square, square, trianglex3 press button on door) or (circle triangle triangle triangle, square square, door button) it is one of these and after you finish and get the correct one you will open a freezer full of awful machines and toad things. Push the button on the left and it will unfreeze 3 aliens mario and luigi fought as a child. Once you defeat them you will get 10 attack pieces with the ability magic window.

Level 40 And 50 Guide

Go to the airway and fight EVERY monster in every room for mario and luigi and once you get out go outside peaches castle and train on metal mawful moles or mechawfuls and once you are finished go back to the airway and go the whole thing all over again until level 50 or 40 is reached. And for bowser train in bowsers castle and/or inside peaches castle it will not be easy though you must bring good gear and items.

Get Congratulated!

Get at least 40 level points with each character and win the final battle. The mysterious voice should be amazed by you and will congratulate you. [NOTE]You can get more level points to become stronger.

Hide & Seek Toad

Sometime later in the game mario and luigi are allowed outside of Bowsers body (after the blorbs are cured). When you unlock the yellow pipe go through it and you'll find yourself in Toad Town. You are on the east side of the mall, go left and you'll be on the west side (this is importent). Go down from the pipe and go left to the badge shop. Just outside the store there is a small blue toad. Talk to him and he says his parents are boring and he wants you to play hide and seek with him. Say yes and he'll run and hide. Go up and right, now even though the blorbs are cured you'll still see a REALLY fat toad (he says that's the way he normally looks. He must not exercise at all! ) Anyway the small toad is hiding behind him. Then he'll run off again and then hide in the mushroom level shop. Then he'll hide again go into the west side of town. I had trouble with this one because when he leaves you see where he goes next. This time your in a shop so you only see him leave. But go into the west side and he's hiding behind a warp pipe (not one that leads into bowser). Find him and he'll run away again he is still in the west side though. This time he is in the shine sprite level shop. In the changing room (I've always had a hunch about that room! ) . (This is the last time he'll run off). He'll run to the east side of town again, and not only that but he's hiding behind the fat toad AGAIN. Find him and he's all WOW and you're all OH YEAH I'M EPIC! After you find him he'll give you a gear that nullifies damage once per turn!

Bowser Spin Ball

Once you free Bowser from the safe he will tell you that his back hurts. Go to the room toadstool is in and he will tell you to drill into Bowser's back. It will take while. While you wait this is your time to rest yourself.

Durmite X Gauntlet Node

Pretty easy battle if you are level 18 or higher. No specials needed just jump on it or use hammer and it will fall easily. Challenge class 1. Reward 1000 coins.

Bowser Memorie MLX Gauntlet Node

Magic window and falling star is the only thing you need for this challenge. For mario use magic window on both memories then for luigi use falling star only on luigi Memorie X because hes the one who is most threatening to you. Class 4 reward 6000 coins.

Alpha Kretin X Gauntlet Node

If the circle on the Alpha kretin is red use jump with mario to it to be defeated, if the Alpha kretin is green use luigi to jump on it. Once it falls use any attack you think is useful. Challenge class 2 reward 3000 coins.

Beat Junker X In Gauntlet Node

The only ability you need is jump/hammer magic mirror and falling star to have an easy chance of beating Junker X. First as Mario use magic window then use falling star as Luigi to weak him once he sends out the little junker X the junker will suck up Luigi free him and do the process all over again. Reward is 5000 coins level 35 or higher can enter challenge class 5.

Beat Dark Star X In Gauntlet Node

By the time you have reached class 6 gauntlet node you should need only spin pipe, magic window, and falling

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