Mario Kart DS Nintendo DS - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Mario Kart DS Nintendo DS - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



Shy Guy

Before you start a race, when it's counting down from 3, 2, 1, you hold down SELECT and then you will race as Shy Guy for the whole race. But, if you want to be him for all the races, you have to do the same thing each race.

Unlock DryBones

Pause the game while in a race, and hit R, R, L, R, X, Y, Y, Y, X.

Drive At Mushroom Speed (Action Replay)

Enter this code:

6217acf8 00000000  b217acf8 00000000  00000048 00000020  00000238 00000050  d2000000 00000000  

Hold A For 300cc (Action Replay)

94000130 FFFE0000  6217ACF8 00000000  B217ACF8 00000000  000000D4 00002000  000000D8 00002000  000000DC 00002000  D2000000 00000000  
hold a to go super fast (not recomended on rambow road or missions) tested.

Hack Shy Guy (not Last Forever) Only With A DSI Not DS

First you have to go to FIGURE-8 CIRCUT when it's counting from 3-2-1 hold down start and select at the same time.

Nos Power Slide

Press R then Left and Right.

Nothing Can Touch You In Wi-Fi (Action Replay)

Enter this code:

6217acf8 00000000  b217acf8 00000000  b00002cc 00000000  00000004 f0000000  d3000000 00000000  b217acf8 00000000  b0000874 00000000  00000004 f0000000  d3000000 00000000  b217acf8 00000000  b0000e1c 00000000  00000004 f0000000  d3000000 00000000  b217acf8 00000000  b00013c4 00000000  00000004 f0000000  d2000000 00000000  

Turn Offline Tracks Online On Wi-Fi (Action Replay)

Enter this code:

02153a50 0000000f  02153a54 00000011  02153a58 00000013  02153a5c 00000017  02153a60 00000018  02153a64 0000001a  02153a68 00000020  02153a6c 00000021  02153a70 00000023  02153a74 00000025  02153a78 00000026  02153a7c 00000014  02153a80 0000001d  02153a84 0000001e  02153a88 0000001f  02153a8c 0000001c  02153a90 00000024  02153a94 00000028  02153a98 00000001  

Super Wi-Fi Record (Action Replay)

This code will change your Wi-Fi record into 9999 wins and 0 looses.

023ce304 ffffffff  023ce308 00000000  


Unlock Mirror Mode

Finish 150cc Retro Class with Gold trophies on every cup.

Unlock Robalina

Beat level 7 with all stars and you will get Robalina.

Unlock Dry Bones

To get dry bones you have to beat the 50cc specail cup with a GOLD trophy.

Unlock R.O.B.

Finish Mirror Mode Nitro Class with Gold Trophies on all cups.

How To Get Waluigi

You have to get all Golden Cups on 100cc RETRO GRAND PIX

Using The "?" Boxes Correctly

Use the following trick to help your chance of winning in almost every mode of play. When getting a "?" box, wait until you see another item box one before planting mine. If timed correctly, the "?" box that was laid down will be directly on top of where the original one was. If anyone tries to get it, they will not be able to tell it is a fake until they hit it.

Unlock Special Cup

Get a Gold trophy on Star Cup.

Unlock Lightning Cup

Get a Gold Trophy on Leaf Cup.

Unlock Leaf Cup

Get a Gold Trophy on Shell Cup and Banana Cup.

Unlock Level 7 In Missions

To unlock level 7 you must get a rank of at least 1 star for every other level.

Unlock A 3rd Kart For All Characters

Get a Gold Trophy on every cup in Nitro Grand Prix mode on 100cc.

Unlock Waluigi

Get a Gold Trophy on every cup in Retro Grand Prix mode on 100cc.

Unlock Satr Cup

Get a Gold Trophy on Mushroom Cup and Flower Cup.

Unlock Daisy

Get a Gold Trophy on every cup in Retro Grand Prix Mode on 50cc.

Unlock Dry Bones

Beat the 8th level.


Have 7 Karts For Each Character

Get a gold trophy in every cup in Nitro Grand Prix mode on 150cc.

Steal Balloons

Go to ballon battle, to steal a balloon make shure you have 2 or 1 balloons (if you have 3 it will only pop the balloon). Get a mushroom and ram in to a player (if done corectly you should have 1 more balloon).

How to "Skip" a Blue Shell

This isn't the same as my other "How to dodge a Blue Shell" tip, mainly because, well, you don't dodge it. You will need a Banana Peel, or anything else that knocks you over! Throw the peel in front of you, and slip on it the second the shell is about to hit you. If you did it right, the shell should've hit you, but it shouldn't have stalled you. You should've just slipped (or tripped, depending on the item) on the Banana Peel. This tactic also works for Lightning, only you have to be faster.

Making A Blue Shell Miss You

Just like Mariokartmaniac said... except mine is different!!! To make a blue shell miss you, look at the touch screen. If you see a spiked blue shell next to someone's name, let second place pass you if you are in first. It should work. But if it doesn't, I'm sorry you didn't come in first.

Alternate Title Screen

Finish all classes with gold trophies on all cups.

Unlock Dry Bones

Get a Gold Trophy on every cup in Retro Grand Prix mode on 50cc.

Glich On Rainbow Rode

On the first loop on the track when half way into the loop stay on the side bar and press the powerslide button (R). I only tryed it with mario so I recommended mario.

Shortcut In Yoshi Circuit

Go to lightning cup and the last level called yoshi circuit and there play it. You will start at the shoe. Go around the shoe and turn, there stay going straight. Then you will see a thing to into and thats the short cut and this will get you through the arm quicker.

Shortcut In Delfino Square

When racing on Delfino Square on the Flower Cup, when you see the first set of wooden crates turn to the right as soon as you pass them & there should be a small dirt path with mud on part of it. Go through there & turn left on the other side & it takes you to the item boxes. (I highly recommend using Dry Bones in the Dry Bomber kart because it is faster on off-road surfaces then any other kart. ).

Bowser Castle Shortcut

When racing on the course Bowser Castle on the Special Cup, when you get to the turn table instead of going the regular way go around to where the fire comes down from the ceiling. (Stay as close to the wall as possible. ) there will be an entrance with a red carpet. Go through there & get past the thing moving across the floor & it will take you to the Item boxes.

Quick Items

To get items faster, after you run into a REAL item box, press 'X' repeatedly. This is a good idea if a red or green shell are chasing you.

Have All Characters Use Any Kart

Get a gold trophy in every cup in Retro Grand Prix Mode on Mirror Mode.

Start In 7th

When you first start up your system (without using touch screen) Press A then down 2 this should get you to vs. Press right 2 down 1 (should select wario) press to the left until the 24th car ( a luigi kart) select 150cc set it to random and 10 races then begin. This should put you in 7th place on bowser castle nitro stage. (only does bowser castle).

Get A Boost At The Start

On the countdown before the race hold the A button when the 2 starts to get big.

How To Miss A Blue Shell.

The materials you will need is a Golden Mushroom. get a Golden Mushroom in sixth place, then pass every one in front of you without using the Golden Mushroom. After the first lap, watch the bottom of the screen, and if someone has a Blue Shell, wait until the Blue Shell is right behind you then use the Blue Shell. It should blow up away from you. If the blue shell didn't hit you then you did it right.

The 2 Fastest Karts

There are 2 karts in mario kart that have full speed R. O . B's ROB-BLS and Bowser's Hurricane.

Shortcut In GCN Mushroom Bridge

When racing on GCN Mushroom Bridge on the Leaf Cup, when you come out of the first tunnel stay to the right. You should see a sand pathway. Go on it instead of following the track. When you drop off the path turn right & you'll be at the item boxes. (Powerslide off the path & you will still get a mini turbo boost when you land. ).

How To Get The Blue Stuff

Get behind someone, you should see some blue stuff, keep doing this and you should become faster.

Remove Squid Ink

If you get inked look at the touch screen and look @ the map.

Win Races Easily

If you need to win a race, the perfect kart is the Dry Bomber. It has extremely high acceleration, and if you powerslide, the boost will be the same as a Mushroom!!! Also, just as CheatMan said, heavyweights are perfect when you just feel like pushing people off-track. So, if you want a heavy-fast combo, I would suggest R.O.B with Dry Bomber. (And if you're looking for the perfect track to be a "pushover" on, I would say that combo on Rainbow Road)

Funny Racing

Pick a big Racer such as Bowser or Donkey Kong. Put them in a little kart such as Toad's Mushroom or Yoshi's Egg. You can only do this after you beat the entire game.

Squid Ink

Don't you just go "Noooo! Awwwwwwwww man." when that squid squirts ink on you screen? I have three ways to help you when that happens. (1) you could look through the little cracks on your screen. (2) you could (I don't know if it works) blow through the MIC to make the ink go away faster(I've tried it before and it looks like it came on a little quicker). (3) use a one,two or three mushrooms, a power slide, or rainbow panel (makes you go faster).

How To Dodge A Red Shell

When it's right behind you, turn.

To Dodge The Spiny (blue) Shell

To dodge a blue shell, you need at least a single mushroom. Wait until it catches up to you, and at the second it is about to hit you, use it. Since the blast radius is wide, you might still get hit by it.

Play As Shy Guy

Play a Download Play game against another player to have the option to play as Shy Guy. Note: Shy Guy can only be used Download Play mode.

How To Powerslide Boost

While going around a turn, press & hold the "R" button, while doing so, press left and right. Sparks should come out from the sides, first they will be blue then red. Do not let go until sparks are red or when ready. Note-It will not work if you do not wait for red sparks or if you do not wait long enough. Also, you can let go of the "R" button or the direction of the button your pointing (left or right).

Character Effects

Characters only affect weight. You can tell roughly how much weight they add by their appearance. For example, Bowser is heavy while Dry Bones is light.

Getting Coins Back

In the unlockable mission of level 4, you must collect 50 coins while staying away from King Boo (ghost). Sometimes he will come up to you and take some of your coins. To get them back, go up behind him and run into him.

Recommended Player And Kart Combination

Use R.O.B. and R.O.B. LGS. The heavy weight will help knock people off the track while their high speed will help you get past your opponents and gain the lead at the last stretch of the race. Use Dry Bones for the Lightning Cup on 150cc mode. He has a low weight. Use The Banisher for surprisingly high speed.

Trap Placement

Always use your items strategically. Use them to block others and place them where players do not have enough time to react, such as in a turn or at the bottom of a hill.

Blue Shockwave

When a Blue Shell hits first, try to get a Blue Shell slipstream to first and shoot it. If the Blue Shells hit at the same time, it will create a shockwave that lasts three to five seconds.

Lighting Bolt

On the Wario Stadium, Royal Raceway or DK Jungle Parkway tracks, use a lightning bolt just before someone reaches the jump. They should fall off the jump, costing them time. Do not use it when they are on the turbo pads because it will not affect them.

Alternate Mario Dialogue

When you first start and the screen is black with a red Nintendo logo on it, Mario says "Yahoo!" on the original Nintendo DS. However, on the DS Lite he says "Here we go!"

Save Time With Sandy Pits

On any sandy pit on a curve that would normally slow you down, use a mushroom to cross over it.

Credits Skip

When your at the credits just hold select then hit start.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Mario Kart DS yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Glitch: Luigi Circuit GCN: Fly

Go to Time Trials and choose Luigi Circuit GCN. Do a U-turn and face the middle of the arrow line. Try facing left slightly. Yse a mushroom and jump when you are about to tilt. If done correctly you will fly through the invisible wall then fall through the grass. You will land back on the course. Note: This will not save time.

Glitch: Upside Down Stage

Go to the time trials and choose any character and car. Select Rainbow Road for the stage. When you get to the part that is only boosts, crash into a wall and jump. It will appear as if the stage has flipped upside down. Note: If you jump on the first area filled with solely boosts, sometimes you will just fly off into space and the stage will not flip temporarily.

Glitch: Waligi's Pinball: Fly

Go to Time Trials and choose Waligi's Pinball. Wait at the flippers for a ball to appear. Note: Use the touchscreen to see. When it arrives, jump in front of it. If it knocks you into the activated flipper, you may go flying. You can tilt your car forward and backward. If you land next to the wall but are on the outside, you can ride on nothing for a short while. However if you go too far, you will die.

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