Mario Party DS Nintendo DS - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Mario Party DS Nintendo DS - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



100 Stars

All you have to is press X, Y, B, A, L, R, Up, Down.


Mario Party Ds Star Badge

Get 39,000 mario party points.

Jaged Leaf

Defeat prianna plant 1 time.

Beten Hammer Bro

Beat hammer bro 5 times.

Beaten Kamek

Beat kamek 5 times.

Beaten Dry Bones

Beat dry bones 5 times.

Mario Party Ds Master

Get 50,000 mario party points.

Bowser Rival Badge

Get 37,000 mario party points.

Bowser Jr. Rival Badge

Get 35,000 mario party points.

Donkey Kong Freind Badge

Get 33,000 mario party points.

Kamek Rival Badge

Get 31,000 mario party points.

Dry Bones Rival Badge

29,000 mario pary points.

Hammer Bro Rival Badge

Get 27,000 mario party points.

Koopa Freind Badge

Get 23,000 mario party points.

Diddy Kong Freind Badge

Get 21,000 mario party points.

Toadete Freind Badge

Get 19,000 mario party points.

Wiggler Freind Badge

Get 17,000 mario party points.

Bob-omb Rival Badge

Get 15,000 mario party points.

Monty Mole Rival Badge

13,000 mario party points.

Whomp Rival Badge

Get 11,000 mario party points.

Shy Guy Rival Badge

Get 9,000 mario party points.

Boo Rival Badge

Get 7,000 mario party points.

Cheep Cheep Rival Badge

Get 5,000 mario party points.

Scuttlebug Rival

Get 3,000 mario party points.

Goomba Rival

Get 1,000 Mario party points.

Battle Cup

Unlock at least 5 minigames.

Free Play

Unlock at least 1 minigame.

Expert CPU Difficulty Level

Complete story mode.

Music And Voice Room

Complete story mode.

Triangle Twister Puzzle Mode

Complete story mode.

Score Scuffle

Complete story mode.

Boss Bash

Complete story mode.

Mario Party DS Final Badge

Get 50,000 MP points to unlock the final badge and figurine on Mario Party DS!

Piranha Plant Rival Badge

If you get 25,000 Mario Party points, you will earn the Piranha Plant Rival Badge.

Unlock Player Badge

Win story mode with any player and you will unlock that badge.


Boss Bash

Everyone knows that the bosses are hard to beat, so here's how you beat them all.
Piranha Plant: the plant will suck in little bomb seeds and when it shoots them back you catch it at the right time by pressing B then when he sucks in again, throw it by pressing it again don't let another hit you because then they will both explode and you will lose a life.
Hammer Bro: so the hammer bro is easy. Watch carefully what notes he plays then tap the same ones on the touch screen.
Dry Bones: alright, dry bones will stop at nothing to totally kill you. There are 8 switches. Do a drop flip (a then a in midair) on the ones with a flame on its picture on the top screen. Look at which one comes up first and so on because it will only take them in order
Kamek: Kamek is just plain crazy. First you have to fly through the hallway just to reach him. Shoot ink at the books by pressing A and then move around to avoid moving bookshelves. When you reach his lair, hold down A button and move around and hit his face he will send books at you so be careful and when he throws a fit about it, look out for the books that come down, even the one that hits his head cuz if your in the way, it will hurt you too.
Bowser: and of course the tough guy himself, bowser. His megamorph belt did cause me some trouble, but I eventually got it. The spinning top form just run until he falls then punch the golden bowser block until he changes. The cube form is a bit more complicated. Stay on the corners until the fireballs shoot then go in and punch or kick til he changes again now the worm just avoid fireballs until he comes to the center then just punch his sorry block and avoid fireballs til he flops over. hopefully this helps some =D.

Triple Block Set + Three 7's = 50 Coins

When using a triple block set and you are lucky enough to hit three 7's, you'll recieve 50 coins.

Star Zone

Don't be down if you land on the happining spaces that take you to the "Bowser Zone". If you're lucky, you won't end up in the "Bowser Zone" because their is a 2% chance that you'll end up in the Star Zone which, on your next turn, you'll get one free star on your way out.

Unlock All Items Fast

In order to unlock things faster play minigame mode and party mode. Story mode does not unlock you that many things other than boss trophies. Party and minigame mode unlocks a variety of things.

Beat Bowser (snake Mode)

After the bowser block stops charging in a circle, he will go to the middle of the platform. He will shoot fire balls after about three seconds. Before he does that, body slam the gold block. Do that about five more times.

The Flying Books On Book Bash

To defeat the flying books on Book Bash (Kamek minigame), shoot them with ink balls.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Mario Party DS yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Mario Party DS yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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