Mega Man Battle Network 3: White GBA - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Mega Man Battle Network 3: White GBA - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



NumberMan Codes

Enter one of the following codes in the Number Man machine at Higsby's shop to get the corresponding item:

Item -  Code  AirShoes 23415891  AirShot3 * 15789208  CopyDmg * 01697824  FullEnrg 56892168  FullEnrg 99826471  GaiaBlde * 33157825  GtStrght S 95913876  HeroSwrd P 03284579  HiCannon * 21247895  LockEnmy 87824510  MiniEnrg 86508964  Mr. Famous' wristband 90690648  Muramasa M 50098263  QuickGge 67918452  Salamndr * 65497812  SetSand 19878934  SneakRun 24586483  SneakRun 24586483  SpinBlue 11002540  SpinGrn 28274283  SpinRed 72563938  SpinWht 77955025  Spreader * 31549798  StpCross S 76889120  Thndrblt * 54390805  Tsunami * 88543997  Unlocker 35331089  Untrap 05088930  Untrap 46823480  VarSword F 63997824  WpnLV +1 41465278  

Wide Sword

When having the VARSWORD chip in battle hold down A button and enter these codes quickly: Up, Right, Down.

Long Sword

When having the varsword chip in battle hold down A button and press: Down, Down/Right, Right.

Numberman Codes At Higsby's Store

Fumikomi Cross-76889120  Air Chute 3-15789208  Muramasa Blade-50098623  Paladin Sword-03284579  Variable Sword-63997824  


We have no unlockables for Mega Man Battle Network 3: White yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Virus Chip- Scuttlest

Enter secret 1 after beating the main storyline. Head toward the upper-left corner of the screen and you will encounter 3 scuttlest viruses. Careful, as they all have a LifeAura. After you beat them, go to SciLab and talk to the virus guy. Also , in Secret 3, after the compression path, you can also fight two more scuttlest viruses to put in the chip.

Mom Quake Program Advance

Use Rock Cube*, Rock Cube*, and GodStone O. A giant rock slide will hit opponents multiple times each hit is 200.


Bring a lot of water chips. He will have two powerful candlies. For me he was hard. He hads a powerful fire.

Bug Style

This one is pretty hard to get, but once you get it, you will have more power, but Megaman will be buggy. But he'll also get powerups, such as limited immortality, but will also have bugs like constantly moving up, down, left, or right. To attain this style you must first create a bug in Megaman(such as putting something on the program line that shouldn't go there or two colors touch) Then, fight with it until you get the style.(Note:I recommend a bug that will make your buster short out, it's easier. And the chip element you use decides the element of the style, like normal style changes.)

Virus- Mushy

When you have to help Sci-lab find viruses, there are to easy ones to get. One you get from a job posted on Sci-lab (but you need 50 bug frags to get this one though), and the other viruses are hidden through out the cyberworld. The Mushy virus is in sci-lab 2. Go to the yellow square to left when you jack in, and check all the corners. You will find thr Mushy virus.

Bubble Spread

To use this program advance, you must own Bubbler E, Bub-V E, BubleSide E, and you have to put them in that same order. This does a total damage of 300.

Virus- Killer Eye

This virus can be found within the prinicipal's computer. Check every edge with the walls that have the lights going through them.

Virus- Jelly

This virus can be found somewhere in the beach. Don't forget to check the edges.

Tamakoto's Code

This code can be obtained when you netbattle Metalman when you're up to the ranking part of the game.

Virus- Mettaur

This virus can only be found when you have obtained the WWW-ID. Use it in ACDC 1, and check the edges to find the Mettaur viruses. This is the easiest virus to get 8 bug frags when deleted properly.

Virus- Momogra

This virus is hard to kill because of the way they attack, but it's worth it. You can find this virus inside of the zoo computer #4, where you fought beast man. Go up against the wall and check from left to right at the very edge to get thig virus.

Drillman V2 And V3

Drillman V2 is behind the person who sell things in undernet 6 and Drillman V3 is at hades net. Use sneak run at hades net for him to come out of hiding.

Easy Way To Get Chip Codes

Go to Yoka Train Station. Look for a counter. Face it and press the A botten. It cost 500 Zennys. You will get one code for each one you buy. This works 100%. A little advice: REMEMBER THE CODE.

V4 Navis

If you are in team style and defeat a V3 navi in 20 seconds or less you'll get a V4 version of their chip. Or if you have a lot of bug frags take the chance and put them in the bug frag traders in the Secret net.

Easy Way To Get Bugfragments

An easy way to get bugfragments is to vs METALMAN. When he is weak enough delete him right after he punches the panel. You should get 10 bugfragments.

Easy Way To Beat Plantman

Have the battle chip lavastage and be Heat guts so you don't get hit by the lava. Move out of the way of his attacks as he gets double the damage by the lava stage. 50 damage + 50 damage due to weakness. Wait til he has made his side of the stage clear of the lava then attack with your charged up attack if he is not deleted.

Heat Guts Style

Beat Bubbleman's goons the first time to get Heat guts style. Note: It might be the very best costume it the game.

Get Styles Early

You can get a style even before the Bubbleman saga. All you have to do is fight and win at least 100 battles and then you should get a style change to one of the styles depending on how you battled.

Make A Life Sword

If you want a powerful sword you need to get sword e, wide sword e, and long sword e. Do it in this order then you can get an advance and a life sword.

Aqua Costum

Beat bubble mans 3 goons 3 times to get the aqua costum note might electricground style.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Mega Man Battle Network 3: White yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Mega Man Battle Network 3: White yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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